Jeanne Tripplehorn’s body measurements are 37-25-38 inches. With lots of film roles in small as well as big screens under her belt, her net worth is stated to be $12 million. Jeanne amazed the viewers with her bikini shots in Big Love.

Jeanne Tripplehorn has appeared in numerous films. Some of her hit movies of all time and most credential for her fame are Basic Instinct (1992), The Firm (1993), Water World (1995) and Sliding Doors (1998).

While in television platform, various dramas are in favor of her fame such as Big Love (2006-11), Criminal Minds (2012-14). It’s no surprise to know about such huge net worth of the award-winning actress.

Jeanne is known for having a sizzling hot body with curvaceous measurements. An hourglass shaped body with slender legs easily casts magic on its viewers. For a woman in her fifties, it’s certainly a big challenge for her to maintain her body shape.

The main credit of her attractive body is her exercise regime for which she spends 4-5 days per week. Her exercise regime includes 15-20 minute running, back extension, wall sit, leg press, squats and abdominal exercises.

Additionally, her diets are low in sodium and sugar. Instead, her diet includes vegetables, fish, yogurt and plenty of water. 


Jeanne appeared nude in the movie Water World (1995), which surely left a strong impact on her audience. She is best known for her starring role in the HBO drama series, Big Love. 

Her audience loved her portrayal of Barbara Dutton Henrickson in the series and the actress received widespread fame from the role. She appeared in the series from 2006 to 2011.


Jeanne Tripplehorn, with an alluring body measurement of 37-25-38 inches, undoubtedly looks sexy in bikini. The Big Love actress also has a whopping net worth.