The former husband of Tracy Tutor, Jason Maltas is making his way through the bends of life after severing ties with the vibrant real estate woman and reality TV personality. “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” is a popular show that helped his ex-wife gain fame.

Maltas came into this world on May 24, 1971, in the busy town of Los Angeles, California. The star is marked with the zodiac sign of Gemini, making him inquisitive and flexible by nature. He grew up in the lively and cosmopolitan environment of the US.

Has Maltas Found Love Again?

Yes, Jason Maltas has found love again. In the magical month of November 2022, he wedded Amanda Harlan. While the details of their marriage are rather blurry and hidden by the privacy in which they treasure themselves. Though few details are available, it is known that they create their shared instants amidst the double-sidedness of life lived between LA’s energy and Napa Valley’s beauty.

Amanda Harlan is wearing a suit and a grey turtle neck.
Jason Maltas’ wife, Amanda Harlan (Source: Localish YouTube Channel)

Amanda Harlan, a Napa Valley native, is the director of communications at The Napa Valley Reserve and Meadowood Napa Valley, adding experience to these renowned entities. She is also an ambassador for Harlan Family Domain, whose labels are an iconic part of their history.

Net Worth Status

Jason Maltas’s net worth is approximately $18 Million, similar to Melissa Theuriau. He is a businessman who has done most of his self-sufficiency journey through working in construction more specifically with Gordon Gibson Construction where he was employed. Although his monetary endowment is great, he has managed to maintain secrecy regarding how much money he is worth.

Much of Maltas’ financial landscape is protected from the scrutiny of the public, apart from what was disclosed through his Divorce settlement. The mystery of how he managed to accumulate wealth in the construction industry adds more drama to his life story.

The Divorce Settlement

The parties to the settlement of Maltas and Tutor’s divorce seem to have fairly worked out how they split. In the end, she came out of the courtroom with the family home a magnificent $18 million property nestling in the center of L.A. The property was in addition to others like a fancy Range Rover for the post-divorce stylish lifestyle.

On the other side, Jason also took his part of the money and even a Porsche Cayenne as well as several bank accounts. Regarding personal stuff, she kept most of their wines, but he maintained his beloved photos of James Dean and Steve McQueen. He was able to take with him his gun case and gun safe, snowboards, and ski equipment.

Previous Marriage With Tracy Tutor

The love journey for Maltas and Tracy Tutor lasted for a stunning seventeen years. The commitment to marriage took 13 out of those 17 years. Despite the many tribulations and the ups and downs of their lives together, their initial love has been able to endure since back in 2005 when they got married after being together for a couple of years. But the case changed direction in early 2018, when she, due to “irreconcilable differences”, filed for divorce.

Tracy Tutor is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.
Jason Maltas’ ex-wife, Tracy Tutor (Source: Tracy Tutor Instagram @tracytutor)

Tracy openly notes that separation was not an easy chapter and it was very complicated. She also stated that it was emotionally hard on her because her daughters spent a night and day apart from her to share custody.

Used To Own A Business

Maltas started entrepreneurship with the creation of Trason Builders Inc. in 2004. Located in a bustling area of Sylmar, the company operated, as mentioned in CA. His dream about the business sector involved setting up of this venture as a domestic stock company where he expressed his ambition towards the construction industry.

Nonetheless, the company encountered an unprecedented twist in its fate when it was liquidated in 2016. Why it was broken up remains a mystery for those who would like to find out details concerning Jason’s career path. With the closure of Trason Builders Inc., one might have various questions, whether it was the market fluctuation or unpredicted challenges that caused it to happen.

Has Two Children With His Ex-wife

Jason and Tracy blessedly brought two precious lives into the world: their daughters Scarlett Maltas and Juliet Maltas, Scarlett is two years older than her sister. Although their mother is mostly famous for being a real estate agent and a reality TV personality, she and Jason keep their daughters out of the spotlight purposely.

Scarlett and Juliet Maltas are wearing sweaters and matching denim jeans.
Jason Maltas’ daughters, Scarlett and Juliet Maltas (Source: Tracy Tutor Instagram @tracytutor)

Maltas and Tutor’s children Jason and Tracy were engaged in the divorce proceeding too. Neither of them got any child support or alimony as provided by their pre-nuptial agreement which reflects their independence and self-supportability. Tracy would be obligated for the intricate details of the settlement, which entails paying all bills relating to their daughters’ hobby, horseriding, and other activities.

Similarly, Tutor was forced to shoulder the nanny charges thus ensuring stability and a conducive environment for their daughters. The settlement agreement also stipulated that Scarlett and Juliet would be barred from appearing on “Million Dollar Listing.” This could have been an effort to safeguard their young children away from the spotlight and create the illusion of normality in their lives.

Wide Range Of Experience In Construction Fields

Jason Maltas has a very long connection with the construction field. He worked at Cross Creek Development between 1992 and 1995 and also worked at Chipley Construction (between 1995 and 1998).

This passion was also evidenced through setting up Trason Builders, Inc. between 2003 and 2010 which exhibited his zeal for shaping his building dynasty. Significantly, he went on to work for Gordon Gibson Construction, Inc. and he started as VP until he became president (June 2010). His skill, which represents a direction of motion indicates both skill and ability to move with changing times in the building sector.

Has A Degree In Business

The basis for Jason Maltas’s career is well-established in his education. He graduated from Arizona State University (the college Susan Hendricks studied at) in 1993. He spent three years of his life learning (from 1790 to 1793), until his Bachelor’s degree, as mentioned in Aliminus.

The acquisition of this educational milestone provided Jason with a theoretical background in business. Apart from that, it gave him the knowledge, ability, and wisdom he needed to traverse different terrains within several sectors.

Showbiz Experience

Maltas tasted fame as an entertainer when he ventured out of his construction work and was no more than a performer. His performance as Pierili Man in the short film “Mission Zero” proved his skill as an actor (in 2007).

In addition, Jason has been among the known faces seen in the famous television program known as “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” featuring together with his divorced wife Tracy. In addition, his involvement in both film and reality shows reflects his willingness to diversify by exploring a variety of roles as well as an element of mystery about his abilities as more than just a building site expert.


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