Jane Kilcher is a well-known reality TV star who gained fame through Discovery’s show “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” She has also been part of the “Bering Sea Gold” series. Born on September 14, 1974, in Homer, Alaska, United States, her full name is Christina Jane Kilcher. She stands at height of 5 feet 4 inches, which is equivalent to 165 centimeters.

Kilcher has captured the hearts of many viewers with her adventures in the rugged Alaskan wilderness and her vibrant personality on-screen. With her captivating presence, she continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. Let’s find out more about her.

Divorcing Atz Lee Kilcher

Jane Kilcher’s recent announcement about her impending divorce from Atz Lee Kilcher has saddened fans and left many curious about the reasons behind their decision. As of now, the divorce has not been finalized, but she has confirmed that it is in works. The couple’s love story started when they were just kids; she met Atz Lee when she was only 12 years old, and their shared passion for music brought them closer together.

Jane Kilcher is sitting resting her head on her hand as Atz Lee Kilcher is sitting next to her.
Jane and Atz Lee Kilcher when they were young (Source: Jane Kilcher Instagram @janekilcher)

Kilcher and Atz Lee eventually got married in 2006, and both of them gained fame and recognition after their appearances on the popular TV show, “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” Despite their public image as a happy and adventurous couple, it seems that they have encountered challenges in their marriage that they have chosen not to disclose. Their fans are now showing support for both of them during this difficult time, hoping that they find peace and happiness in their separate paths ahead.

Atz Lee Isn’t Kilcher’s First Marriage

Before her marriage to Atz Lee, Jane Kilcher had been previously married to Dicran Kassouni. However, there is very little information available about their relationship and subsequent divorce, as both of them have chosen to keep it private. Not much is disclosed about their marriage or the reasons behind their separation. What is known is that Kassouni, like Jane, is also an Alaskan native and resides in Seldovia, Alaska.

While details about their past are scarce, Atz Lee and Jane’s focus remains on their current situation as they navigate the process of divorce. The couple’s decision to keep their previous marriages under wraps reflects their desire to maintain a level of privacy amidst their public lives in the spotlight.

Has Experienced Motherhood

Kilcher has embraced motherhood with love and care. She has a biological daughter named Piper Kilcher, who was born on June 4, 2003. She had Piper from her previous marriage to Dicran Kassouni. Alongside being a mother to her daughter, she is also a stepmother to Etienne Kilcher, who was born in 2001, making him two years older than Piper.

Piper Kilcher is sitting in the car with the door open, pointing at something.
The young picture of Piper Kilcher (Source: Jane Kilcher Instagram @janekilcher

Etienne is the biological son of Jane’s husband, Atz Lee, and his ex-wife, Nantia Krisintu. Despite the complexities of blended families, she has shown great dedication to providing a nurturing environment for both her biological daughter and her stepson. Their bond as a family has strengthened over time, and they share a special connection as they navigate life together in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska. With the recent announcement of their split, the kid’s future remains uncertain.

Kilcher’s Net Worth Status

Jane Kilcher has built a substantial net worth of $2 million through her various ventures and appearances on TV shows. While her exact income remains undisclosed, she is a familiar face on the show, “Bering Sea Gold,” where she is involved in mining activities. Before her role in mining, she gained popularity through her appearances on “Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Besides her television career, Kilcher has also experienced life as a commercial fisherwoman in the past. Her diverse experiences and hard work have contributed to her financial success and garnered her a loyal fanbase. Today, she continues to embrace new challenges and opportunities, showing her determination to excel in whatever she takes on.

Kilcher’s Time On Alaska: The Last Frontier

Kilcher’s time on “Alaska: The Last Frontier” was a significant chapter in her life. The show, which premiered on December 29, 2011, on the Discovery Channel, centered around the Kilcher family and their unique way of life in Alaska as mentioned on the show’s IMDb page. The series provided a glimpse into the lives of four generations of Kilchers, showcasing how they thrived in the challenging Alaskan wilderness outside Homer.

Jane Kilcher is sitting on the boat as Atz Lee Kilcher is working.
Jane Kilcher shooting for Alaska: The Last Frontier (Source: Jane Kilcher Instagram @janekilcher)

Alongside Jane, the show featured other members of the Kilcher family, such as Atz Lee Kilcher, Otto Kilcher, Eivin Kilcher, Atz Kilcher, and many others. Viewers were captivated by the family’s resilience as they faced the harsh elements, hunted for food, and worked together to maintain their homestead. Her contributions to the show added depth and authenticity to the portrayal of their daily struggles and triumphs in the remote Alaskan landscape.

Jane’s dedication to “Alaska: The Last Frontier” was evident as she appeared in a total of 97 episodes from 2011 to 2019. Her presence on the show played a significant role in its success and popularity among viewers. The series itself received recognition for its exceptional production, being nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards in 2014 and 2015. The nominations were in categories such as Outstanding Cinematography for Reality Programming and Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program, showcasing the show’s stunning cinematography  Her on-screen charisma and genuine personality were undoubtedly key factors contributing to the show’s acclaim.

Was Part Of The Bering Sea Gold

Kilcher’s involvement in “Bering Sea Gold” brought a fresh perspective to the world of gold dredging. The show, which showcases different groups of dredgers searching for gold in shallow waters, at the sea bottom, and even in the depths of the ocean, provided an exciting platform for her mining adventures. As part of the Eroica Mining team and also a dedicated homesteader, she demonstrated her determination and resilience in the pursuit of precious gold.

Kilcher’s appearances in 8 episodes from 2022 to 2023 allowed viewers to witness her dedication to the craft and her unique approach to mining. Collecting paydirt from the seabed, which contains valuable ore, presented its set of challenges, but Jane’s grit and expertise shone through as she tackled the demanding and unpredictable conditions of the ocean. Her participation in “Bering Sea Gold” showcased her versatility as a reality TV star and further solidified her reputation as a determined and adventurous individual.

Used To Be A Commercial Fisherman

Jane Kilcher’s previous life as a commercial fisherman was filled with adventure and challenges. For a remarkable 11 years, she fearlessly navigated the treacherous waters. However, everything changed after she married Atz Lee. She decided to leave the fishing industry behind and embrace a new chapter in her life on the homestead, as mentioned in an article on Discovery.

Despite leaving the sea, her invaluable knowledge of the ocean became a great asset to the Kilcher family’s subsistence values. Each summer, she took on the responsibility of providing enough fish to sustain her family throughout the long, harsh winters. Her expertise in targeting different fish species has become a vital skill as she ensures her family’s survival by utilizing her profound understanding of the local fishing ecosystem in Southern Alaska.

Has Also Worked As A Nurse

In addition to her diverse experiences as reality TV star, commercial fisherman, and homesteader, Jane Kilcher has also taken on the role of a nurse. Her caring and compassionate nature led her to work as registered nurse in some of Alaska’s remote villages. In these isolated communities, she provided essential medical care and support to those in need.

Before pursuing her passion for Alaska and its wilderness, Kilcher attended the University of Texas in Austin, where she obtained her degree. Her education and dedication to helping others have allowed her to make a positive impact on the lives of people living in remote areas of Alaska, showcasing her commitment to both adventure and service.


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