Jaclyn Matfus, the lovely wife of the talented musician Ben Harper, shares a life filled with the magic of melodies and the rhythm of love. Harper, a renowned singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, has woven his musical tapestry with soulful tunes like “Diamonds On The Inside,” “With My Own Two Hands,” “Better Way,” and “Morning Yearning.”

Born in 1984, Matfus has embraced a life that dances to the beat of simplicity. Despite being the wife of the acclaimed singer-songwriter, she has chosen to keep a low profile, weaving her story away from the spotlight’s glare. In a world often consumed by the noise of fame, she has found solace in the quiet moments, where the richness of her experiences is cherished in its purest form.

Matfus and Harper’s Melodic Union

Jaclyn Matfus and Ben Harper embarked on the beautiful journey of marriage on January 1, 2015, setting the tone for a year filled with love and new beginnings. Since that joyous day, they’ve chosen a path less traveled, opting for a low-profile married life that stands as a testament to their commitment to each other.

Jaclyn Matfus and Ben Harper are posing for a picture together.
Jaclyn Matfus and Ben Harper at Louis Vuitton Menswear Fashion Show (Source: Access Video TV YouTube Channel)

Jaclyn and Ben find solace in the quietude of their shared moments in a world often dazzled by the spotlight. Their love story, like a treasured melody, continues to unfold away from the public gaze, allowing them to nurture their connection in the gentle embrace of privacy. Their commitment to maintaining a low profile speaks volumes about their shared values.

How Did Matfus Meet Her Singer Husband?

The story of how Matfus met her singer husband, Harper, is a heartwarming tale that unfolded in 2014. Their paths intertwined during a meaningful collaboration on a charity concert aimed at raising funds to combat child trafficking in India. It was in the backdrop of this noble cause that they found a shared passion, a cause that resonated deeply with both of them.

The connection deepened when Jaclyn, inspired by her volunteer trip to Calcutta, captured a poignant moment on video – children joyfully dancing to one of Ben’s soulful songs. When she shared this heartfelt footage with him, it became the catalyst for a unique bond. Beyond the music, their hearts beat in sync with a shared commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Net Worth Status

Jaclyn Matfus hasn’t openly shared intricate aspects of her life, but, glimpses into her professional journey reveal a woman of diverse talents. With an estimated net worth of around $500,000, she has carved a niche for herself in the realms of acting and production. Her past experiences in these creative fields hint at a woman who has navigated the entertainment industry with grace and skill.

Ben Harper is singing with his guitar on his lap.
Ben Harper in one of his live performances (Source: Ben Harper Instagram @benharper)

Matfus’s husband, the singer Ben Harper, shines not just with musical brilliance but also with a noteworthy net worth of $10 million, similar to Susan Dey. His primary income source, the soulful tunes that have resonated with audiences worldwide, showcases the immense success he has achieved in the music industry.

With over 5 million albums sold globally, including a staggering 2 million in the United States alone, Ben’s musical journey has left an indelible mark. A standout in his discography is the best-selling album “Diamonds on the Inside,” a masterpiece that has found its way into the hearts of fans, selling over 1 million copies.

Matfus Is A Mother

Jaclyn embraces the heartwarming role of motherhood, sharing the joy with her husband Harper, and their son, Besso Harper. Born on June 17, 2017, he adds a new and delightful chapter to their family story. While she holds her role as a mother close to her heart, she maintains a certain privacy, choosing not to disclose much about her son and their family life.

This decision to keep details under wraps reflects a desire to safeguard the precious moments of their family journey. In the quietude of their private life, the trio, Jaclyn, Ben, and Besso, navigate the beautiful complexities of parenthood, creating a haven of love and warmth where the focus is on the precious connections they share rather than the public gaze.

Matfus gracefully steps into the world of blended family dynamics, sharing her love with Harper’s children from previous relationships. The Harper family is a beautiful tapestry woven with various threads of love. His biological children include Charles James Harper, born in 1997, Harris Harper, born in 1999 or 2000, Ellery Walker, born on August 21, 2001, and Jaya Walker, born on November 28, 2004.

Had A Career In The Entertainment Industry

Jaclyn, with her diverse talents, has left a creative footprint in the entertainment industry. In the 2009, Zac Efron starrer film “17 Again,” she brought a vibrant energy to the screen, playing the role of a party girl alongside Zac Efron, as mentioned on her IMDb page. Her presence added a touch of charisma to the movie, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Beyond the spotlight, Matfus also stepped into the role of an executive producer, contributing her skills to the 2006 short film “10ten.” This behind-the-scenes involvement highlights her multifaceted contributions to the world of storytelling. While her career details may not be extensively disclosed, the glimpses into her work reveal a woman who has gracefully navigated both on-screen performances and off-screen production, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of the entertainment industry.

Harper’s Wife Is A Social Advocate

Jaclyn Matfus is not just a partner in melody but also a dedicated social advocate whose work speaks volumes about her compassionate heart. While specific details about her advocacy work may be private, glimpses into her impactful endeavors have surfaced. A notable chapter in her journey includes a stint in Calcutta, where she worked fervently as part of a mission to combat child trafficking in India, as reported in Daily Mail.

In this noble pursuit, Matfus brought her passion and dedication to create positive change. Her commitment to such a critical cause highlights the depth of her empathy and the desire to contribute to a better world.

Not The First Wife Of Ben Harper

Jaclyn Matfus graces the role of being the third wife in Harper’s journey of love. Before the chapter of the social advocate, the singer shared his life with two remarkable women. His second wife, Laura Dern, adorned his world from December 23, 2005, to September 2013, marking a significant chapter in both their lives.

Laura Dern is wearing a black dress with yellow on either sides.
Ben Harper’s ex-wife, Laura Dern (Source: The Ellen Show YouTube Channel)

Before Laura, Joanna held the position of Harper’s first wife, their union spanning from 1996 to June 2001. Each marriage tells a unique story, a melody of love that unfolded in different verses of his life. In this symphony of relationships, she brings her harmonious notes, contributing to the evolving narrative of love and connection in the singer-songwriter’s life.

Some Information On Ben Harper

Ben Harper, a Grammy-winning musical maestro, has left an indelible mark on the music industry with his soul-stirring tunes and versatile talents. Among his chart-topping hits are timeless classics like “Diamonds On The Inside,” “With My Own Two Hands,” “Better Way,” and “Morning Yearning.” His musical palette is a rich blend of blues, folk, soul, reggae, and rock, showcasing his ability to seamlessly navigate diverse genres.

Harper’s musical prowess has earned him well-deserved recognition on the grand stage of the Grammy Awards. In 2014, he clinched the prestigious Grammy for Best Blues Album with his remarkable work on “Get Up!”— a testament to his mastery of the blues genre. Additionally, in 2005, his collaborative effort on “There Will Be A Light” secured him another Grammy, this time in the category of Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album.


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