Updated: 02/26/2017 11:04 AM | First Published: 02/26/2017 09:29 AM

Jackie Johnson is supposed to have undergone plastic surgery

Jackie Johnson's hot figure

Ravishing beauty on KCBS-TV evening news scene, Jackie Johnson’s married life, and swift career success aren’t enough to make headlines. Lately, her plastic surgery has also been a matter of public concern.

Gossip media have come up alleging the gorgeous newscaster to have undergone plastic surgery by comparing her past and present pictures. The 37-years-old blonde, who haven’t experienced motherhood yet, seems like she went under surgeon’s scalpels to enhance her emergence.

Eternal beauty of this hot weathercaster has dropped jaws of many but side by side paparazzi haven’t stopped chasing her. By comparing her now and then pictures, somewhat changes can be seen. Her fuller and perky breasts are supposed to be the result of breast augmentation. Similarly, she is guessed to have undergone facelift procedures to stay toned and beautiful.

As plastic surgery has been so much on trend these days among celebrities, minor changes seen in anyone is immediately caught by the prying eyes and rumors began circulating thereafter. Same might be the case of Johnson who claims that her round and fuller looking breasts is just result of fitting quality bra. 

Now, Johnson’s hourglass shaped body with proportion of breast, waist and hip sizes approx. 37-26-36 inches is near to the perfect body measurements. She requires dress size of 8 and shoe size of 7. And, the height of 5 feet 7 inches and weight around 57 kg complements her perfection. 

No matter what is the secret behind her perfection, she has earned the attention of millions and increased viewers of KCBS-TV’s evening news viewers.