Is Stephen Mulhern married? More on the ongoing rumors on him being gay status and his family

Stephen Mulhern - Info

Name Stephen Daniel Mulhern
Profession TV Actor
Gender Male
Birthday April 04, 1977
Age 39 Years Old
Star Sign Taurus

Stephen Mulhern - Short Bio

Morning! All is sorted! "Unbelievable!"

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We know all about his onscreen family on Britain's Got Talent but we don't know anything about his biological family. As he is not married, his real families are his parents and siblings till date.

Mulhern is a native of Stratford, London, England. He was born to Irish parents Maureen (née Reid) and Christopher Mulhern as their third child. Both of his parents were market traders. He has a younger sister and two elder brothers.

Our magician Mulhern got fascinated with magic since his early childhood as his father would show and teach him magic tricks before bedtime. We can say that who he is now is because of his family and his father’s bedtime magic tricks.

Stephen, who is equally known for his magic tricks, is not married till date. There is no clear information to judge if the rumors about Stephen Mulhern being gay are true.

Stephen Mulhern is stuck in the speculation of being gay yet no convincing information about him has surfaced to date. He is pretty hushed about his family and personal life. Is he a married man or really a gay?

New sunglasses! How long before I lose them???

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Not hastening to get hitched, Stephen Mulhern, is he really gay?

Stephen Mulhern isn't married and it doesn't mean the rumors about him being gay are true.

Stephen always keeps a low profile to maintain his private life. Thus, there is not much information disclosed about his personal life. Yet we can figure out that he is not married.

Stephen seems to be straight, besides, there are no rumors of him dating a man. He has not cleared up anything the media has reported so either the rumors can be true or it can be just another false alarm.

True love! x

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It was reported that he was dating Emma Barton, an actress. They were in a serious relationship for a very long period of time. He has not announced anything publicly but he has been spotted several times with her in public. We can spot them together in various events too.

Neither Stephen nor Emma stated about their relationship during the time they dated. But unfortunately those two fissured apart but the reason of their breakup is yet to be revealed. In consideration of his past relationship with Emma Barton, it is obvious that he is not a gay.

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