Is Ron Claiborne married or divorced with anyone? Find out who’s his wife



Ron Claiborne - Info

Name Ron Eldridge Claiborne
Profession Journalist
Gender Male
DOB August 20, 1953
Age 63 Years Old

Ron Claiborne - Quick Facts

Place Of Birth San Francisco, California
Nationality American
Marital Status Single
High School Yale University
University Columbia University
Net Worth $ 600,000 - Six Hundred Thousand US Dollars Only
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Hair Color Grey
Eyes Color Brown
Height 6' 1"
Weight 64 KG
Working For ABC News
Best Known For Correspondent for ABC News

Ron Claiborne is currently unmarried. Did he ever have a wife in the past? The television personality has managed to keep his personal life details such as marriage and divorce under wraps.

Ron is an American journalist who is known to be very talented with immense encyclopedic knowledge. Let’s find out about his personal life.

Single and happy Ron Claiborne doesn’t regret not getting married

This 62-years-old successful journalist chose to remain unmarried. He has not revealed much about his personal life so he has never revealed why he is still single.

Being a handsome, successful celebrity with a huge net worth, he surely has attracted many girls in his youth. But he didn't bother having an affair or a girlfriend. He being single and having no girlfriend has raised many eyebrows.

His such decision has ignited the rumor of him being gay. But he never confronted these rumors and cleared things out.

Ron Claiborne never publicly disclosed his romantic flings in the past. He doesn't regret about being single till this age.

He enjoys his work a lot. He is very sincere in his work proving he is sincere by nature. Well, if Ron would have been married, he would have been a sincere and faithful husband.

There’s no woman in his life to make her happy but on the brighter side, he doesn't have to fear divorce. As Bob Marley said 'No woman no cry'.

Workaholic Ron Claiborne completes 30 years of his professional life

Though his personal life is incomplete, he fully lived his professional life. Ron Claiborne recently completed 30 years of his career and as for now, he is serving at ABC News.

He initiated his journalism career from an independent newspaper based in Richmond, California after receiving master's degree from the Columbia University.

Then there's no turning back for him. It’s 30 years now.

He has successfully made his presence felt in this industry. His contribution to the journalism has inspired lots of youths.

He is a recipient of an Emmy Award, a prestigious award, for covering the seizure of Elian Gonzales in Miami.

He is currently 60 years of age and unmarried but is still full of energy as we can see in his shows. His chemistry with his co-anchors can still be seen and it’s undoubtedly exciting.

It seems like Ron has been unmarried his whole life. He is happy without a presence of a wife in his life. Ron Claiborne finds pleasure in his work and enjoys the company of his co-anchors and co-workers.

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