IronTrap Garage, managed by Matt Murray, is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on restoring and repairing vintage automobiles. With a strong passion for breathing new life into old cars, Matt and his team showcase their mechanical skills and dedication to craftsmanship through their engaging videos. The channel boasts an impressive subscriber count, with over 150,000 avid viewers who eagerly follow along with each step of the restoration process.

From reviving classic engines to expertly handling rusty bodywork, IronTrap is a go-to destination for car enthusiasts and those intrigued by the art of automotive revival. As Murray continues to share his knowledge and enthusiasm, the channel’s community of subscribers continues to grow, united by a shared love for preserving the beauty and history of these timeless vehicles.

How Much Is Murray’s Net Worth?

Matt Murray has built a successful career through his garage, IronTrap Garage, which has contributed to an estimated net worth of around $1 million. While he hasn’t publicly revealed his exact income, his YouTube channel of the same name plays a significant role in his earnings. With an impressive work ethic, he uploads approximately 13 videos each month, drawing an average of 20,000 views per video. This consistent viewership translates to a substantial ad revenue of at least $4,680 per month from his YouTube endeavors alone.

Matt Murray is riding the green 32 Roadster.
Matt Murray riding the 32 Roadster (Source: IronTrap Garage Instagram @irontrap)

In addition to his digital pursuits, Murray expands his brand by selling merchandise such as T-shirts, further enhancing his income streams. By diversifying his revenue sources and staying dedicated to both his garage and online presence, he showcases a strategic approach to financial success while sharing his passion for vintage cars with a wide and engaged audience.

Love Life Of The IronTrap Garage Owner

Matt Murray is a dedicated individual who has chosen to keep his personal life private. Currently single, he has not shared any information about his past relationships. Matt’s main focus is on his career and the passion he pours into his work at IronTrap Garage. By keeping his matters confidential, he can fully concentrate on his projects and the content he creates for his YouTube channel.

This decision reflects Murray’s commitment to producing high-quality videos and his dedication to the world of vintage car restoration. As he continues to captivate his audience with his automotive expertise, his viewers can appreciate his professionalism and unwavering focus on his craft.

A Bit About IronTrap Garage YouTube Channel

IronTrap Garage’s journey on YouTube began on February 9, 2017, and it has since amassed an impressive total of over 42 million views. With a dedicated following, including Rick Hegdahl, as mentioned in Puget Sounds, the channel boasts more than 150,000 subscribers who eagerly anticipate each new video release. One of Garage’s standout achievements is the wildly popular video titled “Junkyard To On The Road In 25 Minutes – 1939 Ford Forgotten Hot Rod,” which has garnered an astounding 4.7 million views, showcasing the channel’s ability to captivate viewers with its engaging content.

An Employee is tightening the bolts under the car.
An Employee working at the IronTrap Garage (Source: IronTrap Garage YouTube Channel)

For those who have been with the channel from the beginning, the oldest video, “Ford Model A Barn Find Sweet Heart Roadster Ep. 1,” offers a glimpse into the roots of IronTrap and its evolution over time. As the channel continues to produce captivating content and expand its reach, Murray’s garage remains a must-watch destination for vintage car enthusiasts and anyone fascinated by the art of automotive restoration.

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Education Background

Murray’s educational background reflects his formative years of learning. He pursued his studies up until high school, attending Boyertown Area High School from 1997 to 2000. While his academic journey took him through high school, his passion for vintage cars and automotive craftsmanship has been the driving force behind his success.

Through practical experience, dedication, and a strong work ethic, Murray has carved out a niche for himself in the world of classic car restoration, showcasing that a commitment to one’s passion can lead to remarkable achievements. Just goes to show you, a formal degree isn’t everything for you to find success and live a meaningful life out there.

What Was Murray’s First Founded Company?

Before the establishment of IronTrap Garage, Murray played a role in co-founding Orchid Euro, a venture that showcased his entrepreneurial spirit. Situated in Pottstown, PA, Orchid Euro specialized in a particular niche of the automotive world, possibly focusing on European cars. During his time there, he held the position of Brand Manager, a role that allowed him to shape the company’s image and direction. From January 2008 to February 2010, spanning two years and two months, he contributed to their growth and success.

Orchid Euro began as an exciting and enjoyable venture, initiated by Murray and a close friend. Together, they embarked on a side project bringing in valuable classic European auto parts to cater to the needs of those engaged in restoring vintage European cars. What began as a small-scale operation soon gained momentum, evolving from a special-order setup into a thriving business. The demand for these parts grew rapidly, leading them to transition into a more ambitious endeavor. The company’s success was evident as it expanded its operations to the point where they were importing substantial quantities of auto parts, requiring large 40-foot containers to accommodate.

During his time at Orchid Euro, Murray took on a range of responsibilities that showcased his versatility and dedication. He played an integral role in the process of sourcing essential parts for customers, ensuring timely and efficient pickups and deliveries. Beyond that, he was deeply involved in establishing and nurturing the brand itself, contributing to its growth from its inception.

Murray’s involvement spanned various aspects, from crafting effective social media marketing strategies to keeping the website up-to-date, and even personally overseeing the task of sourcing parts directly from Europe. Orchid provided a unique platform for him to develop his skills in grassroots marketing and brand development. Despite operating with a limited marketing budget, his resourcefulness and determination allowed him to make the most out of every opportunity, an experience that would later prove invaluable in his endeavors.

Has Also Worked In Social Media Marketing

In addition to his involvement with Orchid Euro, Murray’s journey also led him to delve into the world of social media marketing. He joined The Eastwood Company in February 2010, where he dedicated over a decade of his professional life until April 2021. During this significant period, he harnessed his expertise in social media marketing to contribute to the growth and visibility of The Eastwood Company. His role involved utilizing various platforms to connect with audiences, promote products, and engage with customers.

During his tenure at the Eastwood Company, Murray played a pivotal role in overseeing and expanding the company’s social marketing endeavors. His responsibilities encompassed a wide spectrum of tasks, ranging from conceptualizing and executing strategic social media marketing campaigns to ensuring the seamless operation of various online platforms, such as the Eastwood blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

A versatile professional, Murray was not only adept at crafting engaging written content but also demonstrated his prowess behind the camera by capturing compelling images. Additionally, he became a familiar face in the Eastwood video series, where his on-screen appearances lent a personable touch to the brand and allowed him to connect directly with the audience. His multifaceted contributions underline his ability to wear different hats, ultimately contributing to the company’s growth and solidifying his expertise in social media marketing.

About Murray’s IronTrap Garage

Murray’s IronTrap Garage, nestled in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, has been a hub of automotive passion since its inception in November 2016. This unique establishment focuses on chronicling the discovery and meticulous restoration of vintage hot rods and custom cars. Going beyond restoration, the garage also engages in the trade of classic cars, parts, and automobilia, catering to fellow enthusiasts.

Matt Murray in his IronTrap Garage (Source: Iron Trap Garage Instagram @irontrap)

A significant catalyst for the birth of the garage was Murray’s quest for a new home that would accommodate his automotive pursuits. His requirements included ample space for tinkering with cars, and he found the perfect match in a house constructed in 1930, which featured a workshop built during World War II – initially designed as an airplane hangar. Remarkably, the traces of the original bi-fold hangar doors still adorn the ceiling, serving as a testament to its history.

The hangar’s sturdy fieldstone walls provide the foundation for massive I-beams that support the roof, creating a robust and spacious environment, as mentioned in an article from Motor Trend. The open layout of the hangar naturally lent itself to becoming the ideal workspace, thus giving rise to the establishment known as “Iron Trap Garage,” where a passion for automotive restoration and a historic setting converge harmoniously.


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