Indra Nooyi, married life and husband. Meet her family

Indra Nooyi, married life and husband. Meet her family




Quick Facts About

Name Indra Nooyi
Profession Manager
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity Indian
Religion Hindu
Marital Status Married
Hair Color Black
Eyes Color Dark Brown
Place Of Birth Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Indra is very thankful for her husband's loyalty and her daughters' support

Indra with her husband Raj Nooyi, Source :

Indra married Raj K. Nooyi in 1980. Raj is the president ofAmSoft Systems. Indra admires her husband for his loyal support without which she would not have been able to pursue her career. Her husband shares half of the workload at home. Her husband is also her soundboard and a friend whom she seeks advice from.

Indra has two beautiful daughters. The eldest is Preetha Nooyi and the youngest is Tara Nooyi. Her daughter, Preetha, studied at Yale School of Management and graduated in 2013, also holding the degree of MBA. Yale School of Management is the same institution that Indra graduated from.

Indra's daughters are set to achieve great heights in their respective careers. We hope to see them follow Indra's footsteps in breaking glass cielings and inspiring younger generations.

Indra talks about sacrifices and advocates continuous learning

Indra has famously said: "You must continually increase your learning, the way you think and the way you approach the organisation." She is sound to the idea of balancing ideal work-life.

According to Indra, she has made many sacrifices to reach where she stands today; her husband had to bear the brunt of house responsibilities. Despite all, Indra Nooyi shares an amicable relationship with her husband as well as children.

Indra Nooyi is wife to husband Raj k. Nooyi and has a family of four. She is a mother to two daughters, Tara and Preetha Nooyi. She is a role model to women who aim to break the glass ceilings and achieve their god-given potentials.

Indra, the CEO, and Chairman of PepsiCo is the second most powerful woman according to the Fortune. The naturalized American, originally from Chennai, India, has shown excellent perseverance in managing her personal and professional life.

Indra's Indian background has shaped her to value her family alongside her career

Coming from an Indian background, Indra values her family. She acknowledges that she is very close to her family. What you might not have guessed is that she never misses a call from her children, even when she is working. Sometimes her daughters might call just to get permis sion to try new games.

In addition, Indra enjoys sharing leisure time with her daughters. She deems board games like Scrabble effective in releasing work stress.



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