Updated: 02/13/2017 02:36 PM | First Published: 02/12/2017 02:01 PM

Ian Anthony Dale’s parents are proud of their son’s success

Ian Anthony as Lieutenant Jim Koto

St. Paul, Minnesota native Ian Anthony Dale was born to Jack and Olga Dale on July 3, 1978. His parents raised him alongside five other children. His father is a former hockey player who was on the Olympics team in 1968 before pursuing a side career in abstract painting.

It took some time for Dale’s parents to get used to their little boy playing fearless characters on television. It wasn’t until his involvement in the science fiction drama, The Event, that his parents registered that Dale had made it in the cut-throat television business. The 2010 NBC series was canceled after its pilot season however, Dale’s portrayal of Simon Lee was wildly beneficial for his following career.

Of his role in The Event, his father said to the StarTribune, “That was the first time we forgot it was Ian. Before that, we couldn’t get past seeing him as a little chubby 2½-year-old boy running around hugging everybody. He’s normally such a mild-mannered guy.”

As for his mother, Olga, she will make it sure that bystanders will refer Dale and his acting pursuits with the respect they deserve. She’s not the one to let demeaning comments like “some obscure actor from The Hangover” pass. According to the StarTribune, she clapped back with “that’s my son” as a response to the bystander at a St. Paul Saints game, where Dale was about to pitch the first ball.