Updated: 05/11/2017 10:03 AM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

Rebecca Jarvis's career picked up pace after she joined ABC News. More on her measurements

Rebecca Jarvis hosting the show Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis. She has been hosting the show in ABC since 2015.

Starting out from foreign exchange desk at Citigroup and serving as an investment banking analyst at Banc of America Securities, success started paving Rebecca Jarvis’s way after she joined CNBC as an associate partner. She came under media spotlight being the finalist of the season 4 of The Apprentice.

Dedication led Rebecca Jarvis's career and net worth upwards

Rebecca Jarvis’s career rose to next level when she joined CBS News channel on 1st April 2010 as a financial reporter. Her dedication and hard work later got her promoted as a co-anchor of the famous show This Morning Saturday. While she was on CBS, she also worked as Business and Economic Correspondent for CBS News.

In 2013, Rebecca joined ABC News. Her career is thriving at the channel. At present, she is filling in as Chief Business, Technology and Economics correspondent at ABC News. She contributes as a reporter for ABC News’ shows like Good Morning America, Nightline, 20/20, ABC World News Tonight and This Week.

Rebecca Jarvis showing off her slender legs in the show, The Early Show.

Rebecca has been hosting the show Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis, where she interviews prominent personalities from across different businesses and industries like Hollywood, technology, and finance. Moreover, she has a job of managing director and creator of the show and has also launched a new podcast in 2017, No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis on ABC News Radio.

Coming to this date, her skills and talent have garnered her immense success that she had always dreamed of. She has an amazing ability to get the audiences glued to their seats. The popular news journalist, who is known among her friends as “Becky” has a very successful career. From her present work station, she must be getting a hefty amount of salary. However, her exact monthly or annual paycheck has not been unveiled yet. In a similar way, her true net worth value is also yet to be unveiled.

Rebecca Jarvis's work should be everybody's life goal

Rebecca has also tried her hands in philanthropies. She has been raising a fund of over $750,000 for her own non-profit children’s charity. She has also received “Point of Light” award for speaking in favor of marginalized children and teens. Due to this, she was listed as one of '20 Teens Who Will Change the World'.

Rebecca Jarvis reporting special news for ABC News

She is, in fact, an inspiration for all people who believe success comes along with hard work. She has also taught the world that there is self-satisfaction in doing the pious job of social welfare. For more updates, her fans can follow her on official Twitter account @RebeccaJarvis.

Hot journalist Rebecca Jarvis lives up to the phrase "Beauty with Brain"

The elegant lady possesses a hot figure. Rebecca is often seen showing off her sexy curves and slender legs during her TV shows. She is really an astonishing lady who has not undergone any artificial methods for beauty enhancements yet. She, in fact, has a flawless personality with an alluring body and natural glowing face.

Rebecca Jarvis hot picture

Rebecca has kept her body in perfect shape till date. Concrete details of her body measurements are still under wrap. Is she having a specific diet or following workout routine to be in perfect shape? Maybe, she has managed her spare time getting involved in workouts and exercises. However, Rebecca, who is quite confidential by nature, has never given a clue that could satisfy her fans' curiosity.

Even reaching age bar of the mid-30s, her flawless beauty has not blurred away. She still looks as vibrant as she used to look at her young age. Her tall height of 5 feet 9 inches perfects her exquisite figure. She hasn't publicized even one picture of her posing in bikini or swimsuit. However, her curves can be seen in body-defining wardrobe pieces she chooses to wear while appearing onscreen.