Updated: 05/12/2017 01:25 PM | First Published: 04/08/2017 05:25 PM

Is one direction's Harry Styles secretly dating? What about his latest news on Girlfriend?

Harry Styles performing Sign of the Times, he's holding a mic with one hand, his other hand is on the mic stand

As a celebrity dating is quite hectic, especially when everyone knows who you are. Reporters with their cameras facing the couple. It's quite amusing if you ask. Cara Delevinge, Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift and Kimberly Stewart are few of many who have dated the 1D singer. His first ever girlfriend Felicity Skinner described him after One Direction got famous as "Sweet, very romantic and shy".

Beginning or end of yet another "Romantic session" for 23 year old Harry Styles?

Harry styles, who was branded "the player" of the group One Direction seems to be up at it again, when reports started surfacing about harry dating his jet's stewardess whilst a romantic spark with Kendall Jenner.

A source claiming to be the stewardess's friend revealed "Harry and Megan first met on the plane when she was hired as one of One direction's private jet hostesses. They really bonded on the plane and things turned romantic quickly. They went on a number of days and hit it off."

Harry Styles and Megan Smith

"But unlike many of Harry's flings, things got really serious. He supported Megan through some rough times in her life and started referring to her as his girlfriend," the source continued. "Megan never asked him about other women because she accepted he was "a rock star", but she was madly in love and believed harry felt the same."

"Harry told Megan that he had spent New Years with friends and family, she was devastated when she got the news same way we did." claimed the friend.

Harry Styles kisses Kendall Jenner

Harry who instead took Kendall Jenner to the Caribbean for New Year's holiday, enjoyed the PDAs. The couple were also photographed enjoying a kiss onboard the Yacht at St. Barts.

Is Harry Styles Gay??

In an interview with Harry Styles and Liam Payne, when asked what they look for in girls Liam responded with "Female………. that's a good trait." which Harry shrugged saying "Not that important". The singer has previously been asked if he had a romantic relationship with best mate Nick Grimshaw. Harry proclaimed "Bisexual? Me? I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I'm not."

Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw

He provoked yet another speculation about his sexuality 2 years ago, when he asked his fellow band mate Niall Horan for oral sex. It all started when Niall uploaded a selfie where he is poking out his tongue. The internet and one direction fans had a meltdown after harry commented on the photo with "Can I sit on your face?" followed by "Please?" Although it might have been a joke, it didn't stop people from posting their opinions online.

"Is Harry Styles gay?" This question has every critic and fan guessing.

Harry Styles' Body art and tattoos

Harry Styles bare body and tattoos

Ranging from beautiful to horrifying, Harry Styles has got them all. All which have been inked since one direction became famous. Harry Styles likely has 62 or more tats. Tattoos from half-naked mermaid to A, Harry admitted that each tattoo has a significance.

Well some might not have significance or he is just saving up space to get more, the singer has admitted to regret some of his tattoos and hascovered up a few. He covered up "things I can't" tattoo with an eagle and he also opted out a patch of smaller tats to ink "late late" when he and fellow band mates played the "Tattoo Roulette" with James Corden in his show "The Late Late show with James Corden".

Harry who has been out of news since 6 months has reportedly announced the release of his solo-debut album "Signs of the times", has yet to reveal new tattoos. Harry's net worth is $50 Million, which can go up with the release of new solo album.