Updated: 12/18/2016 04:11 PM | First Published: 12/18/2016 02:44 AM

Harris Faulkner's fairy tale married life: Husband and two baby girls

Family picture of Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner

Harris Faulkner was born as Harris Kimberly Faulkner on 13th October 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her father is a retired Lieutenant Colonel and served three times for the United States in Vietnam. Faulkner's family relocated several times in different cities including Stuttgart, Germany due to her father’s job, while she was a child.

Since childhood, Faulkner was interested in journalism sector, hence she majored in Mass Communications at University of California.

Replicating the success of professional life with personal life is a tough task in itself. Only few can match that feat. One of those personalities who have successfully mastered the art of maintaing a stable balance in between professional life and personal life is news anchor Harris Faulkner.

She is a married woman. She is married to her boyfriend-turned-husband Tony Berlin and is living a joyous family life with her husband and two daughters: Bella (2007 born) & Danika (2010 born). The couple met each other for the first time in Minneapolis. Following that, they were separated for eight long months, as per their respective professional duties demanded. However, they returned back seeing each other after eight months and quickly developed a good rapport in between them.  

Freshening their vows time to time, they haven't let their romance fade away with age. Both of the made-for-each-ther duo show no hesitation in expressing love and respect towards each other.  They are heading strong with no apparent chances of divorce anytime soon.