Halfass Kustoms is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on all things related to cars and vehicles. This automotive channel is hosted by Brent Hoitink, a YouTuber hailing from Canada. With a dedicated following of over 149,000 subscribers, the channel has garnered attention for its engaging content centered around car modifications, repair tutorials, and exciting road trips.

Hoitink’s passion for automobiles shines through in his videos, where he shares his expertise and experiences with a friendly and approachable style that resonates with car enthusiasts and viewers from around the world. Let’s learn a bit more about the man.

Relationship Status

Brent Hoitink, the host of Halfass Kustoms, shares a wonderful bond with his partner Esther Enns. Notably, she is also a passionate car lover, which makes their connection even stronger. What’s heartwarming is that she doesn’t just share Brent’s enthusiasm for cars; she’s also actively involved in the channel. You can often catch her featuring in their videos, whether it’s joining him on exciting road trips, showcasing car restoration projects, or simply sharing their love for automobiles.

Esther Enns is holding her coffee cup as she is standing in front of a white car.
Brent Hoitnik’s partner, Esther Enns (Source: Brent Hoitnik Instagram @halfasskustoms)

Esther’s supportive presence is palpable in the way she contributes to the channel and encourages Brent’s work. Together, they form an inspiring duo that not only cherishes their shared passion but also demonstrates the power of mutual support within a partnership. The fans of the channel adore this couple.

Net Worth Status

Brent Hoitink’s estimated net worth is around $100,000, primarily stemming from his income sources – the Halfass Kustoms garage and his YouTube channel with the same name. The garage is a hub of automotive creativity, where he brings his passion for cars to life through repairs, modifications, and customizations. His YouTube channel not only showcases his skills but also provides valuable content to fellow car enthusiasts worldwide.

However, a recent unfortunate incident significantly impacted his financial situation. A fire engulfed Hoitnik’s garage, resulting in extensive damage and loss of equipment. This incident not only posed a challenge to his finances but also tested his resilience. Despite this setback, his determination and the support of his viewers and community are likely to play a pivotal role in his journey to rebuild and continue sharing his automotive expertise.

Halfass Kustoms channel keeps the excitement coming by sharing about 9 new videos each month. With each video attracting around 60,000 views on average, it’s clear that their content resonates with a wide audience of car enthusiasts. This popularity translates into a significant income through ad revenue alone, with the channel making at least approximately $9,720 every month. But that’s not all – Hoitnik has another avenue of support: they offer cool merchandise like T-shirts and stickers.

About Halfass Kustoms YouTube Channel

The Halfass Kustoms YouTube channel has been captivating viewers since its debut on August 8, 2019. With a dedicated following and consistent effort, the channel has amassed a remarkable total of over 43 million views across its videos. Impressively, this community of car enthusiasts has grown to over 149,000 subscribers who eagerly anticipate each new upload. One of the standout videos that struck a chord with viewers is titled “1938 Pontiac Coupe Start To Finish Build,” which has garnered a remarkable 2.5 Million views.

Hoitink has a straightforward and relatable way of describing his YouTube channel – he calls it “Just some dude wrenching on old stuff.” This down-to-earth approach perfectly encapsulates the essence of his content. His channel is all about the art of repairing and restoring old, rusty cars. With his expertise and passion, he brings these forgotten vehicles back to life, showcasing the beauty that lies within their history and character.

In addition to his main channel, Brent Hoitink has another platform called “More Halfass Kustoms: The Other Half.” This second channel serves as a creative outlet for content that doesn’t quite align with the themes of the main channel. It’s a space where he can explore a wider range of topics and provide a deeper look into the behind-the-scenes aspects of his automotive adventures.

Here, viewers get to see more of the person behind the wrench, as Hoitnik delves into various aspects of his journey, shares personal insights, and dives into the intricacies of his projects. “More Halfass Kustoms: The Other Half” adds a layer of depth to the Halfass Kustoms brand, offering fans a chance to connect on a more personal level and gain a comprehensive understanding of his passion for cars and everything that goes into bringing them back to life.

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About Halfass Kustoms Garage

Nestled in the serene landscapes of rural Southern Manitoba, Canada is the heart of Halfass Kustoms: the Halfass Kustoms Garage. This personal garage is a testament to Hoitink’s profound love for vintage Hot Rods and Customs from the 1930s to the late 1950s. His passion isn’t just about admiring these classic vehicles; it’s about making them a part of his everyday life. These cars are more than just showpieces – they’re companions for the road, designed to be driven through rain, gravel, and even snow.

Halfass Kustoms Garage stands apart from the norm, focusing on genuine experiences rather than preserving cars as pristine collectibles. The garage’s location at 20 Brandt Street, Unit 3, Suite #103, R5G 1Y2, Steinbach Manitoba, Canada, is not just a physical address but a hub of automotive passion where Brent brings his visions to life and embraces the true spirit of car culture.

Losing Everything In Fire

Hoitnik faced a devastating loss when his cherished garage, Halfass Kustoms, was consumed by a fire. In a video posted in May 2023, he bravely opened up to his fans about this unfortunate event. The fire occurred while Brent and Esther were on holiday, and they received a call from his brother informing them about the blaze that had engulfed the shop. Despite the shock and sadness, their son took the initiative and organized a GoFundMe campaign to help them during this tough time.

All the equipment's in the garage are completely burnt out.
Halfass Kustoms Garage after a fire destroyed everything (Source: Halfass Kustoms YouTube Channel)

The response from Halfass Kustoms’ supportive community was truly heartwarming, as the campaign managed to raise an impressive $90,547 through generous donations which can be seen on their GoFundMe page. This overwhelming show of solidarity allowed Brent and Esther to begin the process of rebuilding and moving forward with renewed determination.

Not A Fan Of Paint Work

Brent Hoitnik has a clear stance when it comes to the paintwork – he’s not a big fan. While he doesn’t hold any particular grudge against painting, he openly admits that he lacks the patience required to delicately apply and manipulate paint. In his words, he expresses his reluctance to spend time meticulously working with paint, preferring instead to focus on other aspects of his projects, as mentioned in an article from Canadian Hot Rods.

This candid attitude showcases Hoitnik’s straightforward approach to his craft and his willingness to prioritize tasks that align more closely with his skills and interests. His true passion lies in the mechanical intricacies, hands-on repairs, and creative customizations of vehicles. This preference not only shapes his work but also adds a distinctive authenticity to his content, resonating with viewers who appreciate his genuine enthusiasm and honesty in sharing his journey as an automotive enthusiast.

A Dog Person

Hoitnik’s love for dogs is evident as he proudly identifies himself as a dog person. He shares his life with two furry companions named Buddy and Pablo. The story of Buddy’s arrival in October of 2015 marks the beginning of their journey as a family with furry friends. The following summer, they welcomed Pablo into their home, completing their four-legged family.

Buddy and Pablo are playing in the snow.
Brent Hoitnik dogs, Buddy and Pablo (Source: Brent Hoitnik Instagram @halfasskustoms)

Through his social media and content, Hoitnik showcases heartwarming moments spent with his dogs, reflecting the special bond he shares with them. This affectionate connection with his canine companions adds a personal touch to his online presence and reveals a softer side of his persona beyond his automotive passion.

Hoitnik’s Love For Cars

Hoitnik’s passion for cars began at a young age, as he got his hands on his first car, a 280ZX when he was just 15 years old. His automotive journey continued to unfold as he purchased his first truck, an ’81 Toyota, around the age of 17 or 18. With a desire to make it uniquely his own, he delved into modifications to tailor it to his preferences. Fast forward over two decades, and his affinity for cars has only deepened.

Over the years, Hoitnik has dedicated himself to acquiring vehicles and honing his skills in repairing and modifying them. What’s remarkable is that he is a self-taught individual, and he has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise through his determination and hands-on experience. This self-driven approach not only showcases his resourcefulness but also highlights his passion for learning and his commitment to mastering the intricacies of the automotive world.


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