Updated: 01/12/2017 01:51 PM | First Published: 01/12/2017 09:15 AM

Gretchen Carlson became a voice of many women standing against sexual harassment from Fox's CEO

Gretchen Carlson (left) and Roger Ailes (right)

Pageant winner Gretchen Carlson claims that there is also a darker side in her life as an anchor. After leaving the Fox network, Carlson revealed that she had been sexually harassed during her career. The former CEO, Roger Ailes allegedly passed on sexual comments and offered that they sleep together for her to do well in the network. Carlson claims that her refusal to oblige led the non-renewal of her contract.  

She filed a lawsuit against Ailes shortly after leaving the network. Although evidence regarding the case hasn’t surfaced yet, the lawsuit was settled for $20 million requiring the CEO to issue an apology. After Carlson’s allegations received widespread coverage from media, six more women spoke to New York magazine, claiming that Ailes had sexually harassed them.

Carlson coming forward with the allegations and further six women joining her made pretty clear that Ailes who used to be CEO of one of the major news network expected women to do sexual favors to him as an exchange to a job in Fox News. Afterward, Carlson, who stood out boldly against The Fox’s CEO’s ill intention towards women, she said in an interview with New York Times’ John Kolbin, “I wanted to stand up for other women who maybe faced similar circumstances’. 

Carlson was offered an opportunity to continue on the network but she decided against it. She continues to stand up against workplace harassment encouraging the victims to speak up and stand up against sexual predators. Her book Getting Real shares her experience as a sexually harassed person who decided to toughen up and raise her voice against it. 

She recalls on times when she was allegedly let down by her colleagues and the strength of character demanded of her to rise back up. She wants to encourage her readers to follow their dreams no matter what. Facing overwhelming criticism from public, Ailes resigned in 2016, July. And Fox Corporation apologized to her and praised her for taking bold steps as an woman.