Good Simple Living is a popular YouTube channel all about homesteading, and it’s run by a lovely family. Jeremy Souza and Melissa Munro, along with their four kids, are the heart and soul of this channel. With over 482,000 subscribers, they’ve created a warm and welcoming online community.

It is an amazing YouTube channel that follows the incredible journey of Jeremy and Melissa as they build their home right from the ground up. They live in the beautiful North Idaho. Homesteading is at the heart of their adventure, and they share all the ups and downs along the way.

Who Are The Couples Behind Good Simple Living?

Jeremy Souza and Melissa Munro, the couple behind Good Simple Living, have a heartwarming love story. They tied the knot on August 30, 2008, marking the beginning of their shared journey in life. Their marriage is a testament to their strong bond and commitment to each other. Many viewers of their channel admire not only their homesteading skills but also the way they work together as a team.

Jeremy Souza is taking a selfie as Melissa Munro looks on.
Good Simple Living Couple, Jeremy Souza and Melissa Munro (Source: Good Simple Living Facebook)

Melissa once shared a candid and sweet moment on their podcast. She playfully admitted that one of the reasons she was initially drawn to her husband, Jeremy was because of his good looks. And what’s even more heartwarming is that she has no regrets about it. Love can take many forms, and sometimes it begins with a simple spark of attraction.

Net Worth Of The Homesteading Couple

Good Simple Living is a YouTube channel that’s not just about simple living but has also found success in its financial endeavors. With an estimated net worth of $2 million, Jeremy Souza and Melissa Munro have built something really special. Their primary source of income is their YouTube channel, where they share their homesteading adventures and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

Jeremy Souza and Melissa Munro are hardworking YouTubers who share their homesteading adventures with dedication. They consistently upload around four videos every month, and each video attracts an impressive average of 300,000 views. This loyal viewership contributes to their monthly income, with ad revenue alone bringing in around $21,000.

Jeremy and Melissa don’t rely solely on ad revenue to support their homesteading adventures. They’re a smart bunch when it comes to making a living. They’ve tapped into the world of merchandising, offering a range of products that resonate with their audience in Creator Spring. From comfy tees and cozy hoodies to stylish Women’s Flowy Tank Tops and leggings for those who appreciate their brand, they’ve got it all. If you’re a fan, you can even sip your morning coffee from a Good Simple Living mug or decorate your belongings with their stickers.

Parents Of Four

Jeremy and Melissa, the faces behind Good Simple Living, have a loving family that includes four wonderful kids. Their family dynamic is a mix of two sons and two daughters, creating a balanced and supportive household. Nevaeh Souza, Kirra Souza, Kaimani Souza, and Eli Souza make up this cheerful bunch.

 Nevaeh, Kirra, Kaimani, and Eli Souza are posing for the picture in the garden as Kaimani is eating an apple.
Good Simple Living kids, Nevaeh, Kirra, Kaimani, and Eli Souza (Source: Good Simple Living Facebook)

Nevaeh, the eldest of Jeremy and Melissa’s four kids was born in 2007. She’s a talented and creative young individual with a passion for sharing her life with the world. She has her own YouTube channel where she vlogs about her adventures and experiences, giving viewers a glimpse into her unique perspective on growing up in a homesteading family. Besides, she is a musician and vocalist too.

Jeremy and Melissa have a beautifully balanced family with two sons and two daughters. After Nevaeh, their eldest, was born in 2007, they welcomed Kirra, their second oldest, in 2012. He brings his unique energy and personality to the family. Following Kirra, Kaimani joined the clan, and she undoubtedly added her special touch to the family dynamics. Lastly, there’s Eli, the youngest of the bunch, who completes the Souza family circle.

Has A Second Podcast Channel Too

In addition to its main channel, Good Simple Living extends its reach with GSL Uncut, a second podcast channel. This podcast offers viewers a different way to connect with Jeremy and Melissa. On their second channel, they delve deeper into various topics related to their homesteading journey and simple living, all in video podcast format.

This platform allows Jeremy and Melissa to have candid and unfiltered discussions, sharing even more insights, experiences, and knowledge with their audience. It’s like a cozy conversation with old friends, where they provide valuable information and a behind-the-scenes look at their lives.

About Good Simple Living YouTube Channel

Good Simple Living embarked on its YouTube journey back on March 31, 2010, and since then, it’s been a fantastic ride. Their channel has accumulated an impressive total of over 99 million views. With over 482,000 subscribers eagerly following their homesteading adventures, it’s clear that they’ve built a tight-knit and supportive community over the years. They’ve also been hard at work, producing a substantial collection of over 310 videos.

The channel has come a long way since it started its YouTube journey. Their oldest video, “Jack & Jessica Rabbit,” was uploaded on February 28, 2016, marking the beginning of their online adventure. On the other hand, their most popular video, “Family Builds Complete DIY TINY HOME In 30 Minutes | Start to Finish Ultimate Tiny House,” has taken the internet by storm, accumulating over 4.5 million views.  Their channel has evolved and blossomed, and this most-viewed video is a testament to their impact on the YouTube community.

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Life Before Homestead

Before embarking on their homesteading journey, Jeremy Souza and Melissa Munro had a different chapter in their lives. He dedicated 14 years of his life to a career in law enforcement. He served as a police officer with the Vancouver Police Department. It’s quite a shift from patrolling city streets to the serene world of homesteading, but their experiences in law enforcement likely instilled discipline, teamwork, and resilience.

Melissa’s journey also took a different path before she became a homesteader. She used to be a teacher, a profession deeply dedicated to educating and nurturing young minds. Today, she has taken on the role of a housewife, and she’s been homeschooling all of her kids. It’s a significant and rewarding shift in her life, where her teaching skills now benefit her children directly.

Has A Beautiful Pet Dog

Good Simple Living’s furry family member, Kenji the bulldog, plays a special role in their homesteading adventures. In 2022, this loving family faced a challenging situation when they discovered that their beloved dog, who had been a part of their lives for over a decade, was battling cancer. It was a heart-wrenching moment that required a difficult decision.

Kenji is wearing a light blue birthday hat.
Kenji the bulldog celebrating his13th birthday (Source: Melissa Souza Instagram @goodsimpleliving)

After careful consideration, Jeremy and Melissa decided to go ahead with the surgery. Thankfully, the surgery was a success, and Kenji could continue being a cherished part of their family. This experience not only highlights the resilience and love within their family but also underscores the importance of treasuring every moment spent with their beloved pets.

Rabbit Videos Controversy

Good Simple Living found themselves caught up in a challenging situation. The controversy revolved around their rabbit-related videos, which faced demonetization. Even more distressing, Jeremy and Melissa received threats to their safety because of these videos. This heated debate stemmed from the differing cultural views on rabbits – as pets or as a source of food.

Some viewers were uncomfortable with Jeremy and Melissa using rabbits for meat, leading to strong reactions. In response to the turmoil, the couple decided to take down the playlist containing these videos.


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