Gio Benitez posts shirtless pictures with his boyfriend-turned-husband Tommy DiDario during their honeymoon at Bali. Internet goes crazy for the hottest gay couple



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Name Gio Benitez
Profession Journalist
Gender Male

Gio Benitez's swirling honeymoon images are indeed making everyone go crazy. Yes! the ABC Newsman tied the knot with his longtime boyfriend Tommy DiDario on April 16, 2016, in sun-soaked Miami,Florida.

Onto the next level they go: Gio Benitez and his husband, Tommy DiDario

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Gio and Tommy exchanged their self-written pledges in front of their closest family and friends at Walton House before sunset.

The duo, both 30, were looking stunning in J Crew Tuxes and custom-made ties by David Fin for their big day. The two considered that as the day of their love when they were knotted together. That day was the day of their successful love and happiness.

With the clock ticking down, planner Alina Moleta quickly reorganized the outdoor reception at the historic Walton House to include clear tents and bistro lighting where their marriage ceremony held.

"It was the ultimate joining of families that moves me so much. I still get emotional thinking about it." Benitez expressed his happiness in front of everyone.

The tranquil smile that never left their face throughout their marriage ceremony can describe how contended they were with each other.

To begin a new chapter and commemorate their newly married life they reached Bali.

The pair seems to be enjoying each others company very much. They have even shared their moments with people by posting their happy, hot photos and their shirtless pictures are making everyone go crazy for them. Beside the shirtless images, their kissing images of their honeymoon is also taking the internet by storm.

The unsual ontset of their relationship: An Instagram love story

An amazing fact behind their love story is that their love story began from Instagram. Finding a true love on a social media site is next to impossible yet here they are with their perfect love story to share with us. Eventually, their social site relationship turned into an unbreakable knot.

Their love fully blossomed in a beautiful flower when Gio proposed Tommy in the City of Love in front of Eiffel tower on September 17, 2015, and they got engaged. And after some time of engagement they became the partners for life.

This pair can set good examples for all the gay couples around. Gio Benitez and husband, Tommy DiDario, prove that nothing really matters in love, love can happen at any place with anyone.

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