Gifted newscaster Sara Eisen is cashing her talent well

By: Priscilla Matthews  |   | 
Medill School of Journalism aluminous, reporter Sara Eisen received her university degree from the Northwestern University. In order to hone her flair, she began covering business news while studying at college. Shortly she started her professional career at Forex TV. After spending some time at the station, she moved to Bloomberg TV. Her unique flair in presentation and eye-pleasing appearance helped her to become one of the prominent faces of the station in a very short period of time. While working at the Bloomberg, she covered the European debt crisis and interviewed several financial ministers and politicians. In addition to this, she reported the Fukushima & Japan earthquake. Her coverage on the Santa Columba Conference was widely appreciated.
After gaining the much-needed experience, she moved to CNBC, leaving Bloomberg behind. Joining the CNBC in late 2013, she held the position of correspondent. As of now, she is co-hosting one of the station most popular shows “Squawk on the Street”. In early 2016, she was named co-host of “Worldwide Exchange”.

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