Gentry & Sons Trucking is a popular YouTube channel run by Timmy Gentry and his son, Braxton Gentry. The channel revolves around their thriving trucking enterprise and showcases captivating custom truck creations. With a remarkable subscriber count of over 234,000, the trucking channel has built a strong and enthusiastic community of viewers who eagerly follow their adventures on the road and marvel at their skillful truck modifications.

The Channel’s engaging content provides a unique insight into the world of trucking and has solidified its place as a go-to destination for truck enthusiasts and anyone fascinated by the intricacies of the transportation industry. Let’s learn a bit more about this incredible YouTuber.

The Relationship Status Of Gentry

Timmy Gentry is happily married to his wife, Ashley Gentry, who is known as Gentry Mom on social media. She’s a popular online personality and has made appearances in some Gentry & Sons Trucking videos, adding an extra dimension to the channel. Their partnership not only enhances their family dynamic but also brings a relatable touch to their trucking experiences, connecting with their audience uniquely.

Ashley Gentry is taking a selfie as Timmy Gentry looks on.
Timmy Gentry with his wife, Ashley Gentry (Source: Ashley Gentry Instagram @thegentrymom)

Ashley is a registered nurse who studied nursing at Tennessee Wesleyan College and Cleveland State Community College. Her dedication to learning and passion for helping others shine through her commitment to providing quality healthcare and support. Currently, she’s the Chief Financial Officer at RJE Logistics and also works as a Health Unit Coordinator at Roane Medical Center. Her experience includes being an Imaging Technician at Blount Memorial Hospital and a Medical Records Coordinator at Chota Community Health Services. Her versatile career highlights her adaptability and valuable contributions in different professional domains.

Timmy Gentry’s Net Worth Status

Timmy Gentry’s estimated net worth is around $100,000, primarily derived from his family’s trucking business, Gentry and Sons Trucking. Unfortunately, a recent fire at his shop has impacted his net worth. Despite this setback, he remains determined to recover and rebuild, demonstrating his strong commitment to his business and financial goals.

In addition to his role as a businessman, Gentry is an active YouTuber, contributing to his income through engaging online content. He consistently uploads around 12 videos each month, drawing an average of 90,000 views per video. This impressive viewership translates into a substantial monthly income, with ad revenue alone bringing in at least $19,400. Moreover, he expands his revenue streams by offering merchandise such as shirts and Trucker Caps, allowing fans to connect with his brand and tangibly support his endeavors.

Has Experienced Fatherhood

Gentry has embraced the joys of fatherhood with his four children – three sons named Zaiden Gentry, Hudson Gentry, and Braxton Gentry, and a daughter named Emma Gentry. Each of his children brings their unique passions and talents to the family dynamic. Braxton holds a prominent role as he frequently appears on the Gentry & Sons Trucking YouTube Channel, connecting with the channel’s audience and sharing a special father-son bond.

Zaiden, Hudson, Braxton, and Emma Gentry are celebrating Easter.
Timmy Gentry’s kids, Zaiden, Hudson, Braxton, and Emma Gentry (Source: Ashley Gentry Instagram @thegentrymom)

Zaiden showcases his athletic prowess as a vital member of his school’s football team, while Emma channels her energy into the world of gymnastics, showcasing her flexibility and dedication. She also takes part in her brother Zaiden’s school team as a cheerleader, adding to the sense of family unity. Timmy’s wife, Ashley, proudly shares their children’s adventures on her Instagram, creating a heartwarming virtual scrapbook that captures the essence of their vibrant and interconnected lives.

About Gentry & Sons Trucking YouTube Channel

The Gentry & Sons Trucking YouTube Channel has been a captivating online presence since its inception on May 25, 2015. With an impressive total of over 55 million views, this channel has garnered a dedicated following of more than 234,000 subscribers who eagerly tune in to its engaging content. The channel’s most renowned video, titled “WILL IT START? KW900 sitting 2 Years Drives Away from Grave….,” has struck a chord with viewers, accumulating over 855,000 views.

Gentry’s YouTube journey offers an authentic and insightful portrayal of his life as a trucker, effectively documenting the highs, challenges, and day-to-day experiences of the trucking industry. This platform not only serves as a window into his world but also establishes a strong connection with his audience, allowing them to share his adventures and gain a deeper understanding of the trucking profession.

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Some Information On Timmy Gentry Trucking Business

Timmy Gentry’s trucking business, aptly named “Gentry & Sons Trucking,” is a cherished family enterprise, as mentioned on their official website rooted in Sweetwater, Tennessee. This thriving venture spans three generations, embodying a rich legacy of hard work and dedication. The foundation of the business was laid by his father, who initially established the company.

Today, the legacy lives on with Gentry at the helm, skillfully steering the business forward. Adding to the family’s commitment, his little brother has returned from military service to join the team, infusing the operation with renewed energy and a sense of camaraderie. The business not only exemplifies a tradition of excellence but also showcases the strength of familial bonds and the collective effort of multiple generations working harmoniously toward a shared vision.

Has A Second Channel As Well

In addition to his successful primary YouTube channel, “Gentry & Sons Trucking,” Gentry has expanded his online presence with a second channel called “GENTRY ACRES.” This additional platform provides a window into the more personal aspects of the Gentry family’s life. Unlike their main channel, which predominantly focuses on their trucking business, this second channel offers viewers a chance to connect with Timmy, his wife Ashley, and their family on a more intimate level.

While the channel isn’t as active as their primary one, and uploads are less frequent, it still provides a heartwarming glimpse into the Gentry’s day-to-day experiences, activities, and moments that define their family bond. Despite the fewer uploads, “GENTRY ACRES” has managed to gather a supportive audience of approximately 21,300 subscribers who enjoy the genuine and relatable content shared by the family.

Losing Everything In A Fire

In January 2023, Timmy Gentry faced a devastating setback when his business was consumed by fire. The evening started like any other, with him and his wife at home around 11:00 PM, as mentioned in an article from Whiteline Express. However, their peace was shattered when the police called, informing them about smoke emerging from their company shop. This marked the beginning of a challenging ordeal. The fire not only destroyed their tools, equipment, and trucks but also their personal belongings, including his brother’s Mustang.

The picture shows a truck burning in night.
The Fire that Burnt Gentry & Sons Trucking Business (Source: Gentry & Sons Trucking YouTube Channel)

The financial toll of recovering from this disaster was significant, with estimates ranging from $400,000 to $500,000 needed to rebuild and get back to work. In response to the crisis, the Gentry’s launched a GoFundMe page, and the community rallied behind them, raising $56,130 to support their efforts. His resilience shines through as he navigates the difficult road ahead, determined to overcome this unexpected adversity and rebuild what was lost.

Social Media Presence

Gentry maintains an active presence on social media, particularly on Instagram, where he goes by the handle @gns_trucking379. On this platform, he offers a behind-the-scenes look into his work in the trucking industry, sharing glimpses of his truck builds, business updates, and the adventures he embarks on. While his posts mostly revolve around his professional endeavors, he occasionally offers insights into his personal life.

Additionally, Gentry’s wife Ashley Gentry, known as @thegentrymom on Instagram, also contributes to their online presence. Through her account, she provides a more intimate view of their family’s everyday moments, experiences, and special occasions. Together, their combined social media presence paints a comprehensive picture of both their trucking business and their family life, fostering a sense of connection and relatability among their followers.


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