Former ‘Towie’ star Frankie Essex has recently opened up about how getting back into shape saved her from committing suicide after hitting rock bottom last year. She admitted that she didn’t want to wake up, & she is now thrilled to be releasing a weight loss DVD.

Frankie, 29, has lost almost 3 stone over the past year dropping from 13st to 10st 4lb, & going from the size 14-16 to 8.

Last year, following her struggle with depression and heart-wrenching break-up, she piled on the weight. Now, she says, exercise saved her life.

After she called off her relationship with boyfriend, John Lyons, she gained some weight and started having suicidal thoughts. Even talking to Now magazine, she said, “I wanted to die.”

In April 2015, her doctor put her on antidepressants but now feels like there’s no need of those after claiming that exercise has helped her getting fit again.

In an interview, Frankie who lost her mother to suicide when she was just 13-years-old, said, “This time last year I didn’t want to wake up the next day, I couldn’t get out of bed. I was in a hole, drinking and going out. I was burying my head in the sand, I was really in a bad way, overweight and in a bad relationship that I wanted to get out of.”

While battling the suicidal thoughts, she was depressed but hold on herself. Now, she says that she has learned to move on & grow up. She further added that though, it’s not as easy as to say, but we can retrain our mind.

Sharing the experiences of how she overcame those toughest situations of her life, she said, “Training has changed everything, sweating makes me feel great and the endorphins that cardio releases leave me on a natural high. I’ve not been to counseling, I went to one person to speak about stuff and I’ve actually learned this myself. I’m off antidepressants, I’ve done this on my own.”

Frankie unveils her weight loss secrets in Frankie’s DVD Weight Loss Workouts next months, & she aims not just to get people back in shape but for helping people the same way she did. She said, “I’ve done this DVD, not just for me, but to help other people.”

As the gorgeous star approaches her 30th birthday, she’s never felt so optimistic about her coming days and years.

She says, “I’m feeling so good, seriously, this time last year I never thought I’d be here with the weight loss, now I feel like how is did was I was 23 and first started Towie. I turn 30 next year and I’m feeling so good about myself and excited for the future. In want to be fit at 30!”