Frank Paytas, the father of Trisha Paytas, plays a significant role in her life. Trisha, known for her diverse talents as a YouTuber and singer, has gained widespread attention as one of the most controversial online personalities.

Frank was born on May 10, 1956, in the United States He falls under the zodiac sign Taurus. Taurus individuals are often known for their practical and down-to-earth nature. What do we know about him? Well, let’s find out.

Failed Marriage To Trisha’s Mother

Frank relationship history includes a failed marriage to Trisha’s mother, Lenna Paytas. There is a lack of specific details regarding their marriage. The former couple divorced when his daughter was just three years old.

Lenna Paytas is posing in a glittery silver dress.
Frank Paytas’ ex-wife, Lenna Paytas (Source: Lenna Paytas Instagram @mamagotback583)

The circumstances surrounding Frank and Lenna’s separation remain private. Trisha navigated the complexities of growing up amid changes in her family dynamics.

Current Relationship Status

Frank Paytas is married to a woman named Kimberly Paytas. This marked his second venture into marital life. At the same time, there is limited information available about the specifics of their relationship.

The fact that this is Frank’s second marriage adds an interesting layer to his personal story. It’s worth noting that Kimberly is not Trisha Paytas’ mother.

Has Two Kids Including Trisha

Frank is a father to two children. He has his well-known daughter Trisha Paytas, and his son Nick Paytas. Trisha, born on May 8, 1988, in Riverside, California, has become a famous personality, gaining recognition for her work as a YouTuber, singer, and online influencer.

Trisha and Nick Paytas are sitting on the lap of Frank Paytas.
Frank Paytas with young Trisha and Nick Paytas (Source: Trisha Paytas Instagram @trishapaytusbackup)

While much is known about Trisha’s public life, details about Nick remain undisclosed. The siblings likely share a unique bond and experience growing up together. However, the specifics of his life and endeavors are not widely available to the public.

Net Worth Status

The specific net worth of Frank Paytas has not been publicly disclosed. But, his success as a businessman is evident from his notable achievements. He has opened and successfully managed a few financial businesses. His strategic decisions resulted in selling his companies for millions of dollars.

Trisha Paytas has amassed an impressive net worth of $12 million. Her income primarily stems from her endeavors on YouTube. She also generates income through her musical ventures. She has also ventured into content creation on platforms like OnlyFans.

Residing in a lavish mansion in Westlake Village, California, Trisha made a significant investment of $3.7 million to acquire her upscale residence in 2021. Beyond her visual content, she connects with her audience through her podcast titled “Just Trish,” providing another source to generate revenue.

Frank Paytas Is A Grandfather

Frank Paytas is a proud grandfather. His family has grown through the love and joy brought by his daughter, Trisha, and her husband, Moses Hacmon. His beautiful granddaughter, named Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon, entered the world on September 14, 2022.

Trisha Paytus is holding Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon as they both are wearing a pink outfit with cap.
Trisha Paytus and her daughter, Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon (Source: Trisha Paytas Instagram @trishapaytusbackup)

The journey to welcoming Malibu Barbie was particularly emotional for Trisha. She had faced challenges with infertility in the past, as mentioned in an article from People. Despite being told by multiple doctors that conception might be difficult, the news of her pregnancy proved that sometimes, miracles happen against all odds.

Family Background

Frank comes from a family with a background that includes his father, Frank Sr., and his mother, Helen Paytas. His siblings play a role in shaping his family dynamics. He has two brothers named George Paytas and Joseph Paytas, and a sister named Julianne Paytas.

However, specific details about Frank’s family are not extensively disclosed. The presence of brothers and a sister suggests a close-knit family, but the finer details about their relationships and experiences remain private.

Frank’s Controversial Daughter

Trisha Paytas is a well-known figure, but she has faced criticism and disapproval from many due to her controversial past. One aspect that has caused concern is her history of sharing potentially harmful diet information. Additionally, she has faced backlash for her fetishization of black men, as reported in Eightify. The song she released titled “Jungle Fever” stirred controversy, as it seems to focus on her attraction to black men.

Furthermore, Trisha has faced criticism for making homophobic remarks. This adds to the reasons why some people hold negative opinions about her. Despite the controversies surrounding her, she remains a polarizing figure, with both supporters and detractors contributing to the ongoing discussions about her public image.

The Past Strained Relations Of Frank And Trisha

In the past, Frank and Trisha experienced strained relations impacting their father-daughter bond. Growing up under her mother’s custody, she often missed her father. However, when he remarried, the YouTuber found herself harboring some resentment towards him. It was caused especially due to her feelings towards her stepmother.

Despite the rough patches, there has been a positive turn in Trisha and Frank’s relationship. They have managed to mend their differences. She shared in a tweet on June 16, 2013, stating,

“I DO talk to my dad now and our relationship is great. It’s never too late to have one with your father <3.”

This complex dynamic between father and daughter was further expressed by Trisha through her song “Daddy Issues.” The lyrics touched on the difficulties she faced and the emotions she grappled with.


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