Less active on twitter, Frank Fritz Updates his Happenings on Facebook

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Frank Fritz suffered a serious illness called Crohns Disease in 2013. He had a difficult situation after knowing that he was infected with a serious disease. However, after some times, he informed all his fans thorough a Facebook post that he is getting recovery very fast.

He shared that “Well, I have been feeling great! I started losing weight and ran with it! I have been exercising and eating well. (except for last week at the Iowa fair). He likewise thanked all his fans for all kind words of concern. Frank also shared a video on Facebook to remind all people that he is back.

Frank is one of the prevalent TV personalities on social networks. He is followed by 47.2K people on his official twitter @FritzPicker but seems to be using it less. Likewise, he has thousands of followers on Instagram @frankfritzamaericanpicker.

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