Flying The Nest is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on family travel adventures. As enthusiastic family travel vloggers, they have amassed an impressive subscriber count of 1.24 million loyal followers. The channel is skillfully run by the dynamic duo, Stephen Parry-Valentine and Jessica Parry-Valentine, along with their adorable kids Hunter and Baby Koa.

Stephen, who was born on October 16, 1990, hails from the vibrant city of Johannesburg, South Africa. On the other hand, Jessica celebrates her birthday on May 16, 1990, and originally comes from the captivating land of Australia. Together, this adventurous family brings their unique blend of storytelling and exploration to audiences all around the world, inspiring others to embark on their exciting journeys.

Stephen And Jessica Parry-Valentine Relationship

Stephen and Jessica Parry-Valentine share a heartwarming relationship that has captured the hearts of their viewers. Their love story began back in 2007 when they first crossed paths. Fast forward to July 5, 2017, their journey took a beautiful turn as they exchanged vows and tied the knot in a picturesque wedding ceremony held in Greece.

Steph and Jessica Parry-Valentine are taking a selfie in front of Disney home.
Steph and Jessica Parry-Valentine at Disneyland Paris (Source: Flying The Nest Instagram @flyingthenest)

Stephen and Jessica’s love and connection are evident not only in their travel adventures but also in the special moments they choose to share with their audience. Among these cherished moments is a video on their YouTube channel that offers a glimpse into their magical wedding day. This video not only showcases their deep bond but also highlights the breathtaking backdrop of their union, giving their subscribers a front-row seat to their remarkable journey of love and togetherness.

Net Worth Of The YouTube Couple

Stephen and Jessica Parry-Valentine have worked hard to build a successful career as travel vloggers, and their efforts have translated into an estimated net worth of around $500,000. Their main source of income comes from their popular YouTube channel, where they share their captivating travel experiences. With dedication and passion, they consistently upload an average of four videos per month. Their content resonates well with viewers, with each video garnering an average of 150,000 views. This substantial viewership translates to a substantial income, as they make at least $10,800 every month from ad revenue alone.

In addition to their YouTube ad revenue, Stephen and Jessica Parry-Valentine have expanded their offerings through the Flying the Nest Academy. This initiative allows them to share their expertise and knowledge with others who aspire to create and grow their digital presence. The academy offers a variety of courses, including teaching valuable skills such as video editing, Instagram growth strategies, and making the most out of TikTok. The academy offers different course options with varying levels of content and depth. With course prices ranging from $230 to $96, aspiring content creators can access valuable insights from Stephen and Jessica.

Have Two Kids

Stephen and Jessica’s family has grown to include two adorable kids, a daughter and a son. Hunter Jayne, their eldest, was born on June 2, 2020, bringing immense joy to their lives. Their son, named Koa, joined the family on March 23, 2023, adding even more happiness to their journey. Given their nomadic lifestyle filled with travel adventures, the family has chosen to homeschool their oldest one, making sure she can learn while exploring the world.

Hunter Jayne is sitting in the ground and Koa on her lap.
Hunter Jayne and Koa at Fushimi Inari Shrine (Source: Flying The Nest Instagram @flyingthenest)

Jessica’s background as a primary school teacher, as mentioned in an article from The West Australian, contributes to their educational approach. On the topic of expanding their family, she also once playfully remarked, “If it was up to me, I’d have like four more babies,” showcasing her affectionate enthusiasm for motherhood and the joy it brings to their lives.

A Bit About Jessica Parry-Valentine

Jessica Parry-Valentine, born on May 16, 1990, in Australia, has embraced a remarkable transformation in her career journey. Before delving into the world of YouTube, she dedicated her time as a primary school teacher, fostering young minds in educational settings. However, she later transitioned into the role of a video creator, a role that has allowed her to channel her creativity and passion for storytelling in new and exciting ways.

Through her engaging videos, Jessica not only educates and entertains her viewers but also showcases her growth and evolution. Jessica’s ability to seamlessly pivot from teaching to content creation highlights her adaptability and willingness to explore diverse avenues of self-expression.

About Flying The Nest YouTube Channel

Flying The Nest’s YouTube channel embarked on its online journey on July 2, 2014, and has since captivated a vast audience, accumulating a remarkable total of over 170.5 million views. With an impressive subscriber count of over 1.24 million, their engaging content has resonated deeply with viewers from around the globe. Among their collection of travel-inspired videos, one stands out as the crowd favorite. Titled “We Tried Turkish Street Food in Istanbul,” this particular video has garnered an astounding 5.4 million views, showcasing the channel’s ability to connect with audiences through their immersive travel experiences.

Rooted in their shared passion for exploration and videography, Flying The Nest has made a name for itself by creating a comprehensive “travel series” that encompasses all aspects of a journey, from where to stay and what to see, to indulging in local culinary delights. This commitment to providing valuable insights ensures that fellow adventurers have the best possible experiences as they navigate the wonders of the world.

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Some Information On Stephen Parry-Valentine

Born on October 16, 1990, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Stephen Parry-Valentine has embarked on a journey that spans continents and careers. Before his YouTube endeavors, he pursued a path in the field of marketing. This experience equipped him with valuable skills in communication and strategy, which he now incorporates into his role as a content creator. His transition from the corporate world to the realm of YouTube showcases his adaptability and courage to follow his passions.

Stephen’s education reflects his diverse interests. He holds a Bachelor of Business Honours from Edith Cowan University, focusing on the effects of production placement in film and television. He also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, advertising, and Public Relations from the same university. Additionally, he obtained an Advanced Diploma in Screen (Video Production) from the Film & Television Institute of WA Inc. This educational background contributes to his multifaceted skills as a travel vlogger and content creator.

Before his YouTube journey, Stephen had a range of roles. He owned SkyBlue Media from May 2013 to May 2016, worked as an Online Marketing Coordinator at Blue Cherry Online Marketing from Feb 2014 to Sep 2014, and held positions in retail and sales at JB Hifi from March 2006 to Feb 2014. This diverse background contributes to his success as a travel vlogger and content creator today.

Quitting Jobs For Travelling Lifestyle

Stephen and Jessica’s passion for travel has been a driving force since their very first international adventure shortly after graduating from high school. The travel bug bit them hard, igniting a shared desire to explore the world. In September 2014, they took a bold step into the digital realm by creating Flying the Nest, a platform where they could share their travel experiences through blogging. However, their journey took an even more adventurous turn in February 2015 when they made the daring decision to quit their jobs. With spontaneity as their compass, they booked a one-way ticket to Hawaii. Their ambitious goal was clear: to embark on a full year of continuous travel.

Stephen and Jessica Parry-Valentine are in their wedding dress, walking together.
Stephen and Jessica Parry-Valentine at their wedding (Source: Flying The Nest YouTube Channel)

Stephen and Jessica in that one-year travel led them across the United States, Canada, Central America, Europe, and Africa, before eventually returning home in February 2016, albeit with quite depleted finances. This juncture marked a pivotal crossroads where they faced a crucial decision. The choice boiled down to either resuming their full-time jobs or dedicating all their energy to nurturing Flying the Nest. Opting for the latter, they made a bold commitment. Over the subsequent three years, they poured their heart, time, and resources into the project, transforming it into a thriving brand and their full-time job, as mentioned in an article from Hello Social.


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