Faune Drake is the ex-wife of Zach Randolph. Zach is a retired American professional basketball player. Nicknamed “Z-Bo,” he had a remarkable career, earning two NBA All-Star selections during his 17-year tenure in the NBA.

Drake has consistently kept a low profile. She has maintained a level of privacy that has left many aspects of her life undisclosed to the public. Let’s learn about her failed marriage to Zach.

The Relationship Timeline Of Drake And Randolph

Known Since Childhood

Drake and Randolph share a deep and long-lasting connection. They have known each other since their childhood days. Their journey together began in the same elementary, middle, and high school.

Faune Drake and Zach Randolph are wearing a white outfit as she is holding white flowers on her hand.
Faune Drake and Zach Randolph at their wedding (Source: Pinterest)

Additionally, Faune and Zach’s shared upbringing in the same church further solidified their connection. In those days, he would seek her help with homework. It was a clever excuse to spend more time with her. These childhood memories laid the foundation for their later relationship.

The Proposal

Zach’s proposal to Faune was a heartwarming and unexpected moment. It took place after a significant victory against the Golden State Warriors. Following his impressive performance with twenty-three points and eleven rebounds, the celebration continued at home with family and friends.

Little did Drake know, the gathering in their family room was about to turn into a life-changing event. Initially thinking it was for a family portrait, she was taken by surprise when Zach was down on one knee. He presented her with a stunning 14-carat canary diamond ring. The thoughtful gesture touched her deeply, as each carat represented one of the 14 years they had spent together.

Overwhelmed with joy, Faune was shedding happy tears. She humorously mentions that her first thought was about getting in shape, highlighting the spontaneity and excitement of the beautiful moment.

The Marriage

Zach Randolph and Faune’s journey reached a beautiful milestone as they exchanged vows on August 10, 2014. It was a grand wedding held at the Crowne Plaza in Indianapolis, Indiana. The celebration was attended by an impressive gathering of 600 guests.

Faune Drake and Zach Randolph are holding hands and dancing as they are surrounded by people.
Faune Drake and Zach Randolph dancing at their wedding (Source: Pinterest)

The wedding was not only a union of two hearts but also a spectacular event. Drake and Randloph’s wedding was organized by the talented team at Wink Design & Events. The venue sparkled with elegance and joy as the couple embarked on their new chapter together.

The Divorce

Randolph and Drake’s marriage faced a significant turning point after six years together. She filed for divorce in Los Angeles in 2020. The reasons behind their separation remain unclear.

However, a month before Faune initiated the divorce proceedings, there was a public incident that hinted at trouble within the marriage. Zach posted a tweet that disrespected his wife, Faune Drake, stating, “I married a h*e.” However, the former NBA player defended himself saying that his account was hacked.

This public statement shed light on the struggles the couple had been facing. It suggests that Zach and Faune’s marital issues had been simmering for some time.

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Has A Few Kids With Her Ex-Husband

Zach and Faune’s family grew over the years with the arrival of their three children. The joy of parenthood began with the birth of their first child, MacKenly. As the family continued to expand, Maziya, their second child, entered the world four years later. Completing their trio of blessings, Zachery Randolph Jr. became the youngest member of the family.

Zach Randolph and his sons are posing showing a gang sign.
Zach Randolph with his sons (Source: Facebook @Zach Randolph)

Faune also plays the role of a caring stepmother to Zach’s two older children, Zacharia Randolph and Zaqary Randolph. The family values their privacy, and as a result, not much information has been disclosed about her kids.

Was Athletic In Her School Days

Faune Drake’s athletic prowess was evident from her school days, particularly during high school. She actively participated in various sports, showcasing her versatility and talent. She was not only a track enthusiast but also excelled in gymnastics. Additionally, she displayed her skills on the volleyball court.

Despite her diverse interests, Faune’s passion for track continued to shine. It led her to pursue it further at Indiana State University after graduating from high school.

Net Worth Status

Faune Drake’s net worth remains a private matter. The details of her professional endeavors and sources of income are also unknown to the public. Following her divorce from Zach, any financial settlements or support she may have received have not been disclosed.

Zach Randolph has accumulated a substantial net worth estimated at $85 million. His wealth is primarily attributed to his successful basketball career. Z-Bo earned an impressive $140 million in playing salary, as mentioned in an article from Forbes. Notably, during the 2013-14 season, he earned an additional $400,000 in incentives. This financial boost was part of the lucrative $71 million contract he had signed with the Grizzlies back in 2011.

Zach has expanded his entrepreneurial endeavors beyond the basketball court. He, along with Marcus Howell has ventured into the music industry with the establishment of NLess Entertainment, as reported in Business Insider. This independent record label was co-founded by the duo in 2016.


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