Updated: 01/04/2017 02:35 PM | First Published: 01/04/2017 12:57 AM

Fashion and workouts are two of Boris Kodjoe’s forte

Boris Kodjoe in a vest

Boris Kodjoe takes pride his dedication to stay fit and dress pristine. He stands tall with a height of 6 feet 4 inches. Looks like the good looking actor hates to be out of shape as he mentioned in an interview that gaining weight would be a marriage deal-breaker for him and his beautiful wife. During a press event, he told Cocoa Fab TV, “Ok part of the deal is, you got to keep it sexy...Because it’s easy getting married, but it’s not as easy to stay married...If we keep it sexy, we keep it right, everything else falls into place.”

He also added, “What if I gained 200 pounds? And then she’ll look at me like, really? And I couldn’t even blame her if she started looking around...”

Maybe that’s why the Code Black famed actor is rarely seen in anything other than a well fitting suit. Boris really seems to know men’s fashion, especially suits. He not only styles himself but is also on the journey to help other men find the perfect custom suit. In fact, he has co-founded a clothing line called World of Alfa, which specializes in custom-made men’s suits.