Farad J. Mills is the son of famed singer and songwriter Stephanie Mills. Stephanie, famed for her captivating voice and thought-provoking lyrics, has had a lasting impact on the world of music with such hits as “Never Knew Love Like This Before,” Home”, “I Feel Good All Over” and others.

Farad was born on February 19, 2001, which makes his zodiac sign Pisces. The zodiac sign for Pisces is thought to be generally warm and imaginative. He has a celestial link that adorns his life with a touch of magic. Pisceans, famous for their imagination and sensibility, tend to walk through the world in a foggy cloud of dreaminess.

Born With Down Syndrome

Farad Mills is born with an extra chromosome, like Cassie Pérez’s brother, a gift that makes him so special. He has found a mother in Stephanie Mills that is both loving and understanding. Her unlimited love for her son Farad is expressed in every moment they spend together. Moreover, she has not only accepted her son’s individuality but also played an active role in promoting Down Syndrome awareness.

Farad Mills is posing with Halloween decorations in the background.
Farad Mills celebrating Halloween (Source: Stephanie Mills Facebook)

Stephanie, however, is not afraid to announce from the rooftops how much she loves her little son and about all that’s good stirred up by raising a child with Syndrome. Her active advocacy with her voice becomes a bright light for others that leads to understanding and acceptance.

Farad Is In A Relationship

Farad has found love. His mother Stephanie has revealed that he is in a relationship. She doesn’t tell all the beans about how she brought them together, but triumphantly out in front comes this adorable matchmaker. She takes on the role of marriage and love advocate with a twinkle in her eye, weaving a tale of union and companionship for the son she loves.

In a wonderfully surprising revelation on “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” Stephanie told the heartwarming story of her success at matchmaking. It turns out, the singer played Cupid for her son along with his doctor! The charming twist in this love story unfolded as she connected Farad with a lovely young lady who happened to be another patient of the doctor.

Stephanie added another layer of sweetness to the narrative when she shared Farad’s aspirations on the show. He plans to tie the knot at the age of 26. She, however, is a bit unsure about this ambitious timeline. Her son’s charming enthusiasm for love, coupled with his endearing declaration about marriage, adds a touch of humor and anticipation to the family’s story.

Has Written A Book

Farad, the vibrant teenager with a flair for fun and mischief, has ventured into the world of storytelling with his book, “The Adventures of Farad J,” as reported in The Philadelphia Tribune. In this lively tale, readers are invited into the exciting life of Farad, a spirited teen who finds joy in traveling, having a good time, and, of course, hanging out with pretty girls.

Farad Mills is holding his book posing for a picture.
Farad Mills with his book, The Adventures of Farad J (Source: Stephanie Mills Facebook)

Accompanied by his 15-year-old sidekick, Shanie, the dynamic duo embarks on thrilling adventures, with a penchant for pranks that adds a dash of excitement to their escapades. Farad, renowned as the master of pranks, has a knack for aiming for hearty laughter, yet life has a way of teaching him unexpected lessons. As readers delve into the pages of his adventures, they discover that the journey is not just about laughs but also about learning valuable lessons.

Farad’s mischievous escapades lead to unforeseen twists, prompting reflections and insights that he hopes the readers will find both entertaining and enlightening. “The Adventures of Farad J.” unfolds as a delightful blend of humor, friendship, and wisdom gained through the unpredictable twists of teenage escapades.

Net Worth Status

Farad Mills is not only fortunate to have a talented and loving mother in Stephanie Mills but one with an impressive legacy in the music industry. Stephanie, the soulful songstress, has not only enriched the world with her melodic voice but has also accumulated a noteworthy net worth of $1.5 million, similar to Diana Taurasi.

Stephanie’s primary source of income stems from the enchanting realm of singing, where she has skillfully crafted a career that resonates with millions. Her musical journey is exemplified by the impressive sale of over 3 million albums, a testament to the widespread appreciation of her artistry.

Inspired Mother to Start a Charity

Farad Mills has been a spark of life for his mother, Stephanie. To deal with this incredible presence in her life, she began a charitable mission by setting up The 444Love Foundation. Located in the heart of Charlotte, NC this foundation is a beacon for support and to empower those with Down Syndrome, as mentioned on its official website.

Farad Mills and Stephanie Mills are on stage as Stephanie is talking through the mic.
Farad Mills with his mother, Stephanie Mills (Source: Stephanie Mills Facebook)

The 444Love Foundation, much like its name suggests, radiates love and positivity, focusing on creating inclusive environments for individuals with Down Syndrome. Through innovative programs and unwavering dedication, her charity aims to uplift and empower, allowing these individuals to unfold their potential and surpass societal expectations.

Father’s Identity Is Unclear

At the root of Farad Mills’ family tree lies a mystery. His father’s identity remains obscure. It is the focus of much speculation, but there are no answers to be found. Stephanie Mills’s life has passed through three marriages in the past with Michael Saunders, Dino Meminger, and Jeffrey Daniel, being her ex-husband.

But these are all chapters of love and companionship. The concrete link to the real Farad’s biological father remains a mystery. Of course, the mystery of his father’s identity seasons its way through the story. He is like a missing piece to his familial mosaic which remains yet to be discovered by curious minds.

Bio on Farad’s Mother Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills is an American musical inspiration born on March 22, 1957, in Brooklyn. A glittering turn in her journey to stardom was when she played the legendary role of “Dorothy” in The Wiz, which won seven Tony Awards from 1974 until 1979.

In this period, Stephanie’s enchanting voice and magnetic stage presence left an indelible mark on Broadway. Though her skills as an artist weren’t limited to the Broadway stage; at age seven, she appeared in one of the most popular musicals “Maggie Flynn.” She has recorded such pop hits as “Never Knew Love Like This Before,” “Home,” “I Feel Good All Over,” and “I Have Learned To Respect The Power Of Love.”


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