Estelle Getty Net Worth

By Sara Simpson

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Sometime the waves of time takes away the physical appearance of a man but isn’t strong enough to wash it away from the hearts and head of people, and the perfect example of it is sketched by a legendary American actress Estelle Getty. She was a great woman and a great actress who has given lot for the development of movie industry of the world to the position it is today. Estelle Getty was born on July 25th of the year 1823. She was born as Estelle Scher in New York City, New York, United States. She died at the age of 84 on July 22nd of the year 2008 in Los Angeles, California, United States. She was well known as Estelle Getty but also was known as Estelle Shweet-Gettleman. She had her education the prestigious and historical Seward Park High School. Estelle Getty was an American actress and comedian who was a Jewish. She served the world of his profession form the year 1987 to the year 2000. She was associated with television shows like The Golden Girls, The Golden Palace, Empty Nest etc. She was married to Arthur Gettleman in the year 1947 and they were together till 2004, until the year Arthur died. This beautiful couple shared two children together who were named Carl Gettleman and Barry Gettleman.

 She had won numerous and prestigious awards and had been nominated in several occasions. Some of the movies she had been part of:

Team-Mates, Tootsie, No Man’s Land, Mask, Copacabana, Manequin, Stop! Or Mom Will Shoot, A Match Made in Heaven, Stuart Little, The Million Dollars Kid etc. She had been part of several television shows which can be viewed in detail in wiki along with her bio. She has a fine amount of net worth during her living but the exact detail of her net worth hasn’t been assigned in the internet.