Eseniia Mikheeva, a talented dancer, rose to fame through her incredible audition on Season 18 of “America’s Got Talent.” Her passion for dance shines brightly as she captivates audiences with her mesmerizing moves. Her talent and dedication to her craft have garnered widespread recognition, making her a beloved figure in the world of dance.

Eseniia, the talented dancer, was born on October 29, 2015, and raised in Moscow, Russia. She comes from a loving family, with her parents named Marina Mikheeva and Alexander Miheev. Her passion for dance ignited at a young age, and she dedicated herself to honing her skills through years of training and hard work.

Eseniia Comes From The Family Of Dancers

Eseniia Mikheeva comes from a family with a deep love and passion for dance. Both her mother, Marina Mikheeva, and her dad, Alexander Miheev, are dancers themselves. Not only that, but her father, Alexander, is also a talented choreographer. Growing up in a household filled with dance, she was exposed to the art form from a very young age. Her parents’ expertise and guidance have played a significant role in shaping her into the incredible dancer she is today.

Alexander Miheev and Marina Mikheeva are posing in front of The Jennifer Hudson Show sign.
Eseniia Mikheeva’s parents, Alexander Miheev and Marina Mikheeva (Source: Alexander Miheev Instagram @miheev_alexander)


In addition to being a dancer and choreographer, Eseniia’s father, also goes by the name Aleksandr. He has a presence on Instagram, where his bio states that he is a producer. His involvement as a producer showcases his versatile talents within the entertainment industry. Creativity and passion for the arts run deep in her family. Both he and his wife have a special dance program for kids.

Eseniia’s mother, Marina, not only plays the role of a supportive parent but also takes on the responsibility of managing her daughter’s dance career. She likes to call herself “Momanager,” highlighting her dual role as a mom and a manager. As the little dancer’s manager, she takes care of various aspects of her daughter’s professional journey. She ensures that her little one’s career runs smoothly. With her deep understanding of her daughter’s talent, goals, and aspirations, she can make informed decisions that are in the best interest of her career.

What Is Eseniia’s Favorite Dance Style?

Eseniia Mikheeva’s favorite dance style is ballet as mentioned in an article from Hollywood Life. She has a deep appreciation for the grace, precision, and discipline that ballet demands. Ballet allows her to express herself artistically and showcase her technical abilities. However, her passion for dance goes beyond ballet. She is a versatile dancer who is skilled in several different styles. Read about legendary ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov’s daughter, Shura Baryshnikov.

Eseniia also enjoys the sultry and passionate movements of tango, the expressive and fluid nature of contemporary dance, and the energetic and dynamic rhythms of hip-hop. Her diverse range of dance styles allows her to explore different forms of expression and continually challenge herself. Whether it’s the classical elegance of ballet or the rhythmic intensity of hip-hop, her versatility and love for dance shine through in every style she embraces.

Has Also Performed At The Jennifer Hudson’s Show

In addition to her incredible journey on “America’s Got Talent,” Eseniia had the opportunity to showcase her talent on the “Jennifer Hudson Show.” This was a special moment for her as she got invited to the show with her father, Alex. They appeared together on the show, not only for a captivating performance but also for an insightful interview.

Eseniia Mikheeva is sitting and talking to Jennifer Hudson.
Eseniia Mikheeva at The Jennifer Hudson Show (Source: Eseniia Mikheeva Instagram @esenya_miss)

Eseniia had the chance to talk about her passion for dance, her inspirations, and the hard work she puts into perfecting her craft. The audience and Jennifer Hudson were amazed by her talent and dedication. She left a lasting impression, as her chemistry on stage was simply mesmerizing.

Favorite Thing About Dancing For Eseniia Mikheeva

When asked about her favorite thing about dancing on “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” Eseniia Mikheeva passionately shared her profound connection to the art form. She expressed that dancing makes her feel an overwhelming sense of freedom, joy, and empowerment. For her, dancing is not just a series of movements but an emotional and heartfelt expression that resonates deep within her.

It allows Eseniia to break free from any constraints and fully immerse herself in the moment, allowing her emotions to flow through her body. Dancing becomes a form of release, where she can let go of any worries or inhibitions and be completely present in the music and movement. It is through dancing that she finds her truest self, connecting with her innermost emotions and sharing her unique story with the world.

Gained Fame After Appearing In America’s Got Talent

During Eseniia Mikheeva’s time on “America’s Got Talent,” as a contestant on Season 18, her audition quickly went viral, captivating audiences worldwide. Her performance on the June 20th episode of AGT left everyone in awe. Dancing to the energetic tune of “Soy Yo” by Bomba Estereo, she showcased her extraordinary talent and left a lasting impression on both the judges and viewers.

Judge Heidi Klum couldn’t contain her amazement, telling the 7-year-old dancer that she was incredible! She was amazed by her dance moves and tricks. However, what truly set Eseniia apart was her mesmerizing facial expressions. With every movement, she effortlessly conveyed a range of emotions, drawing the audience into her performance on a deeper level. Her ability to combine technical skills with a captivating stage presence and expressive face truly made her performance unforgettable.

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Social Media Presence

Eseniia maintains an active presence on social media, particularly on Instagram, where her handle is @esenya_miss. Her Instagram account serves as a platform to showcase her talent and share her love for dance with her followers. Although she is focused on her training and performance, her parents play an integral role in managing her social media presence.

Marina and Alexander ensure that her account is regularly updated with engaging dance-related content, including videos of her performances, behind-the-scenes glimpses of rehearsals, and inspirational messages. Through her Instagram account, she connects with her fans and fellow dance enthusiasts, building a supportive community around her. She also uses her platform to inspire and motivate others who share her passion for dance.

When Did Eseniia Started Dancing?

Eseniia’s journey in dance began at a very young age. Her passion for dance was evident even as a baby, as she would instinctively move her head to the rhythm of music when she was just 7 months old as mentioned in an article from The Music Man. Recognizing her innate connection to music and movement, her parents, who are also dancers, nurtured her budding interest and provided her with a supportive environment to explore her love for dance.

Eseniia Mikheeva is wearing a grey shirt and brown pants.
Eseniia Mikheeva performing at the gym (Source: Eseniia Mikheeva Instagram @esenya_miss)

At the age of 3, Eseniia officially started her dance training, learning the foundations and techniques from her talented parents. Their expertise and guidance not only fueled her passion but also instilled in her a strong foundation in dance from an early age. This early start in her dance journey laid the groundwork for her growth and development as a skilled and passionate dancer.


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