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Erwin Bach is one of the famous music producer of German. He was born in Cologne, Germany. He was a record executive in Europe. Music executive is his profession. Erwin Bach is a tall, handsome and strongly built up. He is a German citizen and follows Buddhist religion. He married the rock superstar Tina Turner.

Tina Turner (Anna Mae Bullock) is one of famous singer, dancer, actress, author and choreographer. She generally sings Pop rock, soul and R&B. She is an US citizen. Her first husband name is lke Tuner. She met Erwin Bach at an EMI record label party in 1985. Then she began dating him. They get married in 2013. They organized marriage ceremony privately. They tied in knot on the bank of Lake Zurich. Tina Turner wears beautiful dress in her wedding. She wears a green and black silk Armani. Many people love her dress. She also explains that she picked this idea after seeing it in Beijing on catwalk. They only invited some of their family member and friends. There were around 120 guests in their wedding ceremony. They were together 27 years before marriage. They went to Italy for their honeymoon.

Erwin Bach is a German man of white complexion. He speaks German accent. He is 57 years old career oriented man. He starts his career in music industry and now became a successful person. He marries 73 years Tina Turner who is one of the best soul and R&B singer. Erwin Bach gives the perfect example of love. He proves that age does not matter in love. Even nothing like height, weight, color matters.

The net worth of the famous German man Erwin Bach is $50 million. He is in the category of richest businessman and producer. Music produce and execute is the main source of his income. His hard work and patient toward his work make him able to become a successful man. And marrying Tina turner helps him to live a happy life.


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