Erik Grankvist is a popular YouTuber renowned for his captivating adventure vlogs that showcase the wonders of nature. Hailing from Sweden, he was born on June 13, 1999. His YouTube channel primarily focuses on the art of constructing log cabins, where he shares his passion for building and his profound connection with the wilderness. He embarked on his YouTube journey on September 22, 2012, and since then, he has amassed a large following of viewers who eagerly await his next thrilling escapade into the wild.

Through his videos, Grankvist not only inspires others to appreciate the beauty of nature but also encourages them to embrace their adventurous spirits. His engaging content has made him a well-respected figure in the online community, and his dedication to exploring the great outdoors continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Is Grankvist A Married Man?

As of now, it appears that Erik Grankvist is a married man. He tied the knot with a woman named Alice Grankvist after being in a relationship for three years. The couple chose to have a private wedding, keeping the details of their special day away from the public eye. Despite being a public figure, he hasn’t shared much information about their marriage, respecting their privacy.

Erik and Alice Grankvist are lifting and moving the metal structure together.
Erik Grankvist with his wife, Alice Grankvist (Source: Erik Grankvist YouTube Channel)

Alice, his wife, seems to be a private person as well, as she has made only a few appearances in her husband, Grankvist’s videos. It’s evident that they value their personal life and prefer to keep it separate from their online presence. Fans and followers of him appreciate and respect his decision to maintain a level of privacy surrounding his marriage, understanding that some aspects of life are best kept sacred and shared only with those closest to them.

Net Worth Of The YouTuber

Erik Grankvist’s success on YouTube has not only earned him a massive following but also a considerable net worth estimated at $1 million. His primary income source is his YouTube channel, where he shares his passion for constructing log cabins and working with wood. With an average of a million views on his videos, his channel has become a hub for adventure enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts alike. It is reported that he earns a substantial income, around $18,000 or more, with each of his videos.

Moreover, Grankvist has expanded his brand by selling merchandise to his dedicated fanbase. His merchandise includes cozy hoodies, stylish caps, trendy t-shirts, and eye-catching mugs, all featuring unique designs related to his content and adventures as can be seen on Erik Grankvist’s Spreadshop. The popularity of his channel and the success of his merch sales have contributed significantly to his impressive net worth, enabling him to continue pursuing his passion for building and exploring the great outdoors.

How Does Grankvist Build Log Cabin?

Grankvist’s approach to building log cabins is truly unique, as he didn’t have any prior experience in construction before starting his YouTube channel. His journey is all about learning and growing with his audience. To begin, he showcases his progress on his channel, taking his viewers along every step of the way.

Erik Grankvist is trying the woods.
Erik Grankvist working on his log cabin (Source: Erik Grankvist Instagram @erikgrankvist_)

When it comes to gathering materials, Grankvist employs hand tools and sometimes uses a small tractor to transport logs from the forest to his building site. He takes pride in setting up his workstations and makes use of smaller logs to construct the cabins. For the foundations, he uses flagged stones arranged in dry stacks, creating a stable base. The entire platform is then filled with gravel to ensure a sturdy and level surface as mentioned in Christopher Roosen’s website.

To support the logs, Grankvist employs a set of short concrete-poured pillars, which serve as rests for the main structural elements of the cabin. To shape each log into place, he skillfully utilizes rollers, log ramps, and grappling equipment, carefully positioning them to fit together seamlessly. His dedication to the craft and resourceful approach has won him, admirers, among his audience, inspiring many to try their hand at building their log cabins.

The Start Of Grankvist Adventurous Life

Grankvist’s life for building a log began at the young age of 18 when he embarked on a daring adventure with nothing but a backpack filled with basic hand tools. His dream was to bring to life a traditional off-grid log cabin and experience life like our ancestors once did in Chris Klafford’s and Greta Thunberg’s country Sweden. Determined to make his vision a reality, he delved into the heart of the Swedish wilderness to source materials and construct his dream home by hand.

Eager to learn the ancient arts of cabin building, Grankvist’s dedicated himself to studying and learning and developing skills to succeed. This journey of self-discovery and skill-building was not only fulfilling for him but also captured the hearts of viewers worldwide who followed along with fascination and admiration. His passion for preserving traditional craftsmanship and living in harmony with nature has inspired countless others to embrace their dreams and embark on their unique journeys.

Grankvist’s YouTube Career

Erik Grankvist’s YouTube career began in a humble yet captivating manner. Armed with determination and a simple phone for filming, he started by documenting the process of cutting down trees to build his dream log cabin. After completing high school, he decided to fully focus on his passion for log cabin construction, dedicating himself to creating captivating videos for his growing audience.

Not only does Grankvist showcase the entire building process, but he also takes on the role of filming and editing all of his videos himself. It was on September 22, 2012, that he took the plunge and launched his YouTube channel. Since then, his hard work and dedication have paid off, as his videos have amassed an impressive total of over 225 million views and garnered a remarkable community of more than 1.3 million subscribers.

One of Grankvist’s most popular videos, “One Year Alone in the Forest of Sweden | Building Log Cabin like our Forefathers,” has achieved immense success, boasting over 36 million views. This video, in particular, has resonated with viewers worldwide, captivating their hearts and minds as they witness the Swedish man’s extraordinary journey of living in the wilderness while constructing a log cabin using ancient techniques.

Through his compelling storytelling and awe-inspiring craftsmanship, Grankvist has not only earned the admiration of millions but also inspired many to embrace a deeper connection with nature and appreciate the art of traditional log cabin building. As his YouTube career continues to flourish, Erik’s impact on the DIY community and his love for the great outdoors only grows stronger with each new adventure he shares.

Learned From His Grandfather, Åke Nilsson

Erik Grankvist’s journey as a log cabin builder was greatly influenced by his maternal grandfather and mentor, Åke Nilsson. From the very beginning of his log cabin project, his grandfather played a pivotal role in guiding and teaching him the essential skills of this traditional craft. As a seasoned expert in log cabin construction, he imparted invaluable knowledge, sharing the wisdom passed down through generations.

With patience and dedication, Nilsson taught Grankvist the art of selecting the right logs, the techniques for crafting sturdy joints, and the importance of understanding the natural surroundings when building in the wilderness. He looked up to his grandfather not only as a teacher but also as a source of inspiration, cherishing the bond they shared through this shared passion for log cabin building.


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