Eric Bolling and wife Adrienne Bolling married from a long time – Loves his family dearly.

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Eric Bolling, an American political commentator, is happily married to his wife, Adrienne Bollingsince 1997 and their family is completed with their only son, Eric Chase.

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Eric Bolling has been balancing his professional life and personal life amazingly. He is absorbed in his job but still manages to spend quality time with his family.

Eric Bolling's first priority is his family. Meet his wife and son.

The co-host of the famous show The Five is somewhat always surrounded by controversies due to his funny comments and sometimes racist attack on President Obama.

It’s been two decades to his professional run as well as his married life. His parallel life has been amazing by the way as he never had a dispute in his marriage and he is one of the most successful television personalities.

From his busy schedule, Eric took out time to take his wife, Adrienne Bolling, on a vacation. He posted a picture on Twitter in which he is seen beachside with his wife.

It’s been 19 years to their marriage. The couple is blessed with a son who is as handsome as his father.

Eric is a proud father of Eric Chase Bolling. The son of the former baseball player also turned out to be a fine baseball player. He plays left the field for the local HS team. His adorable son is also a great student.

We saw his picture of pre-prom with his friend which his father shared on Instagram. Eric simply adores his son.

Eric Chase Jr. pre-prom. My guy is growing up.

A photo posted by Eric Bolling (@ericbolling) on

Their 19 years long marriage is a strong evidence to how happy and perfect family they are. Seems like their bond gets solidifies each year they spend together.

Seeing their love for each other doesn't seem like Eric and his wife will ever have a divorce but never say never. Their love for each other has certainly narrowed the chance of the divorce.

Eric Bolling has always had a clean image. No news of his extramarital affair has been ever heard.

Eric Bolling’s family enjoys charity and service

Not only Eric,his wife and son are also fantastic human beings. They are also active in charity and servicing.

They were seen celebrating Thanksgiving by serving dinner to the needy at Las Vegas Rescue Mission. Eric posted pictures of the moment when they were busy serving Thanksgiving dinner.

We now know Eric Bolling’s high pay also goes to charity and services. He believes in spreading love and helping each other. Their philanthropic action is a testament to this.

Eric and his wife are definitely teaching their son some good principles. Their son is descent and co-operate with them in charity and service. The Bolling family is a true inspiration.

Their nineteen years long marriage has certainly been strong as they always supported each other. Eric remembers to take out time for his wife and son as it can be seen from his Instagram account. His wife and son make a consistent appearance on his Instagram account. Eric Bolling can be followed @ericbolling.

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