Updated: 12/29/2016 05:01 PM | First Published: 12/28/2016 09:35 PM

Elizabeth Taylor's career took a hit after weight gain

A still from Elizabeth Taylor's movie

In her rise to stardom, legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor was a part of movies like The Big Hangover (1950), Father’s Little Dividend (1951), and An American Tragedy (1952). Taylor landed another seven-year contract extension with MGM in the summer of 1952. Rhapsody and Elephant Walk were the first two movies after re-negotiating the contract.

The emergence of television in the mid-1950’s brought significant change in Taylor’s career. Competition from television meant the movies had to upgrade their quality. Taylor landed a role in 1956 blockbuster Giant, which went on to become a global success. During this time, she garnered numerous prestigious awards including an Academy Award and Golden Globe Awards.

Her legendary career came to an end in the late 1960’s after she gained weight and aged. Although her reign came to an end, she continued acting in television. After several TV appearances, she formally retired in 2007. From her career, it is reported that she had an estimated net worth of around 1 billion dollars.