Elcid Evidente is the proud mother of two talented individuals, Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero. The names of Niana and Ranz have become known as creative video creators. These two are some of the biggest YouTubers and Content Creators in the Philippines.

Evidente’s birth year is not known, but she celebrates her birthday on April 28. Born under the zodiac sign Taurus and raised in the beautiful Philippines, it’s more than certain that her life and experiences have made her a warmly supporting mother with encouraging support for all her talented children.

Married Life of Elcid

Elcid Evidente’s married life is privately shared with her husband, Niño Guerrero. The specifics of their life together haven’t been made public, but one thing is certain: it is deeply affectionate. On social media the couple often express their love and gratitude, giving a glimpse of a happy marriage united in harmony.

Elcid Evidente and Niño Guerrero are hugging each other for a selfie.
Elcid Evidente with her husband, Niño Guerrero (Source: Elcid Evidente Instagram @elcid.guerrero)

Even though their posts are there for all to see, Elcid and Niño keep some privacy about the nitty-gritty details of married life. Their home is in Quezon City, Philippines and their shared moments online paint a picture of warmth and joy for all to see.

About Niño Guerrero

Niño Guerrero is a proud native of Quezon City, Philippines. He has become known as the founder of Good Vibes ON, an Influencer Corp that promotes positive elements and good energy. A West Covina High School graduate, he brings his unique perspective to the online world.

Guerrero calls himself an “Urban dad” to add a bit of relatability to his online presence. Besides being a blogger and influencer, he also describes himself as an obsessive fan of space exploration and has lots of interests.

Other Kids of Elcid

Apart from Niana and Ranz, Elcid Evidente is a mother to two more daughters. Chelseah Hilary Evidente Ongsee, who goes by the name of Seah, is her daughter from her previous relationship with Lanz Ongsee.

Elcid Evidente and her family are posing showing a heart sign.
Elcid Evidente with all her kids (Source: Elcid Evidente Instagram @elcid.guerrero)

Evidente’s present spouse, Niño Guerrero, is the daddy of Natalia Guerrero. Pretty much like her brothers, the little one has been bitten by dance. She’s taken to performing with Ranz and Niana. Naturally, this family dynamic can also be seen in the content they create together.

Evidente and Ranz’s Father’s Relationship

Before marrying Niño, Evidente was in a relationship with Lanz Ongsee. He is Ranz Kyle’s biological father. However, there is limited information about whether they were married or the details surrounding the end of their relationship.

When Ranz was still a child, Elcid married Niño Guerrero, who became a significant part of their family. The reasons for the separation between her and Lanz remain unclear, and it is uncertain whether they are still on good terms. The privacy surrounding the specifics of their relationship highlights the personal nature of family matters.

Information about Niana and Ranz

Niana Gurrero

Niana Guerrero was born on January 27, 2006, in Quezon City, Philippines, as mentioned in Wikitubia. Her presence extends to the world of entertainment. She has stolen the hearts of millions as a Filipino dancer, singer, and social media star.

Niana Gurrero is posing in a golden suit with a shirt and tie.
Niana Gurrero in a Photoshoot (Source: Niana Gurrero Instagram @nianagurrero)

Niana’s YouTube channel, with more than 15 million subscribers alone is very impressive. Her channel is a healthy combination of lifestyle content and high-energy dance videos. As a result of her ability to express herself in different forms, she has become an icon in the online community.

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Ranz Kyle

Born on May 6, 1997, Ranz Kyle is not only a talented dancer but also a popular YouTuber. He took his educational course from Seed Montessori School and later graduated from Don Bosco Technical College Mandaluyong. Now with a healthy YouTube channel of over 15 million subscribers, he has carved out space in which to post both lifestyle and dancing content.

Aside from his dancing and YouTube talents, Ranz is a multifaceted creative who’s also taken to the big screen. So in the 2016 TV series “Ang Panday” he proved he could entertain audiences even on television, playing Joseph, as mentioned on his IMDb page.

Net Worth Status

Elcid Evidente’s net worth remains uncertain. Let’s take a look at the monetary success of her famous children to better understand the family’s fortune. Her daughter Niana Guerrero is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. She earns her income primarily from platforms like YouTube and TikTok. With an impressive viewership of at least 300,000 per video, her ad revenue is substantial, making around $2,500 to $3,500 per video.

Evidente’s son, Ranz Kyle, has built a substantial net worth estimated at $1.8 million. Like his sister, he primarily earns from YouTube, where he consistently pulls in an impressive average of 500,000 views per video. With YouTube’s revenue for those views ranging between $2,500 and $3,500, his channel has become a significant source of income.

In addition to his online presence, Ranz is a multifaceted entrepreneur. He runs a Welit clothing business. Furthermore, he has explored the world of acting, adding another means to make an income.


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