Dylan Michael Edmonds is the son of Tracey Edmonds and Babyface. His mom, Tracey, is an American businesswoman who’s done a lot in TV. She used to be in charge of a show called “Extra,” where she talked about interesting things with famous people. His dad, Babyface is a super talented R&B singer, and he’s won an impressive 12 Grammy Awards in his career.

Dylan (born in 1998) is the youngest in his family, and he’s got a big brother named Brandon Kenneth Edmonds. Having an older brother can be pretty cool because they can teach you lots of stuff and look out for you. But his family isn’t just limited to his famous parents. He also has a step-sister named Peyton Nicole Edmonds. That means they’re like family, even though they’re not brothers and sisters by birth.

Relationship Status Of Tracey Edmonds’s Son

It looks like there’s been a change in Dylan Michael Edmonds’ relationship status! He’s not single anymore; he’s in a relationship with a wonderful woman named Sienna. They’ve found love while they’re both in college, which can be a really exciting time to meet someone special.

Dylan Michael Edmonds' and Sienna are sitting on a bed as they are smiling for a picture.
Dylan Michael Edmonds’ with his partner, Sienna (Source: Brandon Edmonds Instagram @og_shadowcat)

And what’s even sweeter is that Sienna has already had the chance to meet Dylan’s mom, Tracey. Meeting the parents is a big step in any relationship, and it sounds like things are going pretty well for the two. Wishing them lots of happiness as they continue their journey together!

Net Worth Of Dylan’s Parents

Dylan Michael Edmonds is currently focusing on his college education and isn’t in the workforce just yet. So, when it comes to financial matters, it’s more appropriate to take a look at the wealth of his parents, Tracey Edmonds and Babyface.

Tracy has certainly made her mark in the business world. She’s got a whopping net worth of $60 million, which is quite impressive! She didn’t start in the entertainment world, though. She began her journey in mortgage and real estate. Later on, she decided to spread her wings and founded her very own entertainment company, cleverly naming it Edmonds Entertainment Group. That’s a big leap, going from mortgages to making movies and TV shows with “Soul Food” being her biggest success.

Dylan’s father, Babyface has had quite a successful journey in the music world, and it shows in his impressive net worth of $200 million! His main source of income has been his music career, where he’s made countless hit songs and albums that people all over the world love. But he’s not just a musician; he’s also a savvy businessman. He owns his own publishing company called Good Vibes Music Group. This means he not only creates music but also manages the rights and royalties for his songs and possibly other artists’ music too.

Has A Biological Brother

Dylan has a mix of siblings in his family. He shares the same parents with his biological brother Brandon Kenneth Edmonds. Having a brother you’ve grown up with can be pretty special, as you’ve got a built-in friend for life.

Brandon Kenneth Edmonds is posing in a squat position for the picture.
Dylan Michael Edmonds’ brother, Brandon Kenneth Edmonds (Source: Brandon Edmonds Instagram @og_shadowcat)

Brandon is more than just Dylan’s big brother; he’s also got a special song dedicated to him by none other than his father, Babyface himself. Dylan’s older brother was born in December 1995, and his arrival was such a significant and joyful event that the singer wrote a song called “The Day (That You Gave Me a Son)” to celebrate the moment.

Brandon sounds like a multi-talented person! Dylan’s older brother is also a musician. He sings and plays the guitar, which means he’s got a knack for making beautiful music. But that’s not all – he’s also into the arts and graphic design. It’s pretty cool that he’s got a creative side! Plus, he’s teamed up with his mom, Tracey, to co-produce some TV shows like “End of the Road,” “Games People Play,” and “Wake.” That’s some serious teamwork with his family, and it’s awesome to see them working together to bring entertaining shows to the world.

Dylan Michael Edmonds Has Some Showbiz Experience

Dylan Michael Edmonds isn’t just a regular college student; he’s got some showbiz experience under his belt. He worked as a production assistant on the show “Games People Play,” which means he was behind the scenes helping make the magic happen. That’s a pretty cool gig for someone who’s still studying!

But it doesn’t stop there – Dylan has also taken on a co-producer role for the Netflix movie “End of the Road.” That’s a big step in the entertainment world. And if you’re a fan of the reality TV show “Deion’s Family Playbook,” you might have spotted him there too. It looks like Babyface’s son is getting a taste of the showbiz world and making his mark in his way, following in the footsteps of his talented family.

Has A Step-sister

Dylan’s step-sister, Peyton Nicole Edmonds, has quite the musical lineage. She’s the daughter of Babyface, whose real name is Kenneth Edmonds, and Nicole Pantenburg. Peyton was born in the year Steve Jobs introduced the original MacBook Air, i.e., in 2008, as mentioned in an article from Hollywood Life. So, she’s the youngest among her siblings.

Dylan Michael, Brandon, and Peyton Edmonds are all looking at something.
Dylan Michael Edmonds with his siblings, Brandon and Peyton Edmonds (Source: Tracey Edmonds Instagram @traceyeedmonds)

Babyface once shared that both of his sons, Brandon and Dylan, were excited about having a little sister. It’s heartwarming to know that despite being half-siblings, they share a close bond and were thrilled to welcome Peyton into their family. It’s always lovely to see families come together and share love and happiness, just like the singer’s family does!

Is Babyface’s Son On Social Media?

Yes, Dylan Michael, is indeed on social media, particularly on Instagram. You can find him using the handle @dylanmichaele. However, his Instagram account is set to private, which means that only people who are close to him and have been approved can see his posts and what he shares. It seems like he prefers to keep his online life more personal, which is a choice many people make in this digital age.

Occasionally, you might catch glimpses of Dylan on his family’s Instagram accounts, offering a peek into some of the moments he shares with his loved ones. It’s always nice to see a mix of personal and private when it comes to social media, allowing people to connect with their family and friends while maintaining some level of privacy.

Dylan’s Famous Parents Are No Longer Together

Dylan’s parents, despite being famous and successful, faced some changes in their relationship over the years. Babyface and Tracey Edmonds were once married to each other. They tied the knot on September 5, 1992, which was probably a really special day for them. However, things changed, and they made the tough decision to announce their split in October 2005 and divorce on June 22, 2007.

Babyface opened up about why his marriage with Tracey ended in “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” sharing some heartfelt insights. He explained that, in reality, there was a connection missing between them. They cared for each other, but that deep, passionate love just wasn’t quite there. Sometimes, relationships can be a mix of love and friendship, and it can be hard to distinguish between the two.

The singer mentioned that both he and Tracey had an idea of what their relationship should be, and he held onto that image even when it became clear that they were heading in different directions. He also shared that he doesn’t believe they were meant to be together forever, and he’s come to terms with it, as mentioned in an article from The YBF.

Dylan’s Education Background

Dylan Michael Edmonds’s educational journey is an important part of his life. Right now, he’s a college student at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. The institute Barbara Walters got her college degree from. He started his journey there in 2019, which means he’s been working hard on his studies for a few years now. Before that, when he was younger, he went to school at New Roads School in California.

Going to college is a big step, and it’s great to see that Babyface and Tracey Edmond’s son, Dylan are putting in the effort to learn and grow. Education can open up so many doors, and it’s a journey that shapes our future. It’s exciting to think about what he will achieve in the years to come!


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