Drew Pritchard is a well-known personality in the world of architectural antiques, antique restoration, and salvage hunting. He gained widespread fame through his popular television show, “Salvage Hunters.” Born on the 24th of June 1970 in Conwy, Clwyd, Wales, UK, his full name is Andrew Thomas Pritchard.

With a passion for uncovering hidden treasures and preserving the past, Pritchard has dedicated his life to exploring historic buildings, searching for unique and valuable antiques. His expertise in the field has made him a respected figure among antique enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. As he continues his journey, he remains committed to the thrill of discovery and the joy of breathing new life into forgotten relics of the past.

Previously Married To Rebecca Pritchard

Drew Pritchard was previously married to Rebecca Pritchard, but they decided to end their marriage in 2017. They preferred to keep most details about their relationship private, respecting each other’s personal space. Despite their divorce, both of them continued to work together as business partners on the show “Salvage Hunters.” Their paths first crossed when she was employed at a real estate development company, although the exact circumstances of their initial encounter remain undisclosed.

Rebecca Pritchard is posing for the photoshoot with her hand's crossed.
Drew Pritchard’s ex-wife, Rebecca Pritchard (Source: Quest TV YouTube Channel)

It was within the realm of the real estate industry that Drew and Rebecca found a shared professional background, providing a strong common ground for their connection to grow. She plays a crucial role as the co-host in not just one but two popular shows: “Salvage Hunters” and its spin-off series, “Salvage Hunters: The Restorers.” In “Salvage Hunters: The Restorers,” her expertise lies in delving deep into the history and provenance of the decorative antiques that he brings back from their exciting salvaging adventures.

With her keen eye for detail and extensive knowledge of antiques, Rebecca skillfully assesses the restoration work required for each item, ensuring they are given the care they deserve to be brought back to their former glory. Despite their past as a married couple, they maintain a strong professional rapport and collaborate effectively when considering the costs and benefits associated with each restoration project.

How Much Is Pritchard’s Net Worth?

Drew Pritchard has built an impressive net worth of around $9 million (similar to David Labrava) through his expertise in the world of antique dealing. His primary source of income comes from buying valuable antiques and then reselling them at a profit. In the past, he used to run a physical shop called “Drew Pritchard Antiques,” but as times changed, he adapted to the digital age and moved all his stock online. This decision allowed him to reach a broader audience and expand his business further.

In addition to his successful online venture, Pritchard’s popularity skyrocketed when he became a star on the television show “Salvage Hunters.” Being a part of the show not only brought him fame but also added to his income, contributing to his substantial net worth. As the show gained a loyal following, Drew’s reputation as an antique expert and his ability to uncover hidden gems have made him a sought-after figure in the world of antiques and restoration, which further enhances his financial success.

Pritchard Has Experienced Fatherhood

Pritchard has cherished the experience of fatherhood and is a devoted parent to his two children, a son named Tom Pritchard and a daughter named Grace Pritchard. His son, who was born in 1999, and his daughter have decided to maintain a private life, away from the glare of the media spotlight.

Tom Pritchard is sitting on the driver's seat of the car with his dog.
Rebecca Pritchard’s son, Tom Pritchard (Source: Drew Pritchard Instagram @drewpritchardantiques)

Despite their father’s prominence and presence on television, both Tom and Grace have opted for a more secluded and ordinary existence. His ex-wife, Rebecca, is the mother of both of his children, and they share a strong co-parenting bond that places the well-being and happiness of their children at the forefront. Drew values the precious time he spends with his kids, creating beautiful memories and supporting them in their endeavors as they grow into independent and confident individuals.

Did Drew Cheat On His Ex-Wife, Rebecca?

The question of whether Pritchard cheated on his ex-wife, Rebecca, surfaced when rumors began circulating about an alleged affair with another woman named Amanda Thomas. Unfortunately, messages exchanged between him and Amanda were discovered by her husband, Janus Bryn Thomas, which further fueled the speculations as reported in an article from Liverpool Echo.

The situation escalated dramatically when Janus confronted Pritchard at the Liverpool Arms pub. The confrontation turned physical, and he attacked Rebecca’s ex-husband, leaving him with a sore head, a cut on his elbow, and pain in his jaw. As a result of the incident, Drew was placed on ‘Pubwatch’ in Conwy, which effectively means he is barred from every pub in the town. The incident caused significant public attention and added to the challenges that he has faced in his personal life which he regrets as he didn’t want his kids to see him like that.

Part Of The Salvage Hunters

Drew Pritchard is an integral part of the popular TV show “Salvage Hunters,” where he takes on the roles of both presenter and antique dealer. Since its inception in 2011, he has been a consistent presence on the show, showcasing his passion for uncovering hidden treasures and his expertise in the world of antiques.

Drew Pritchard is talking to the camera with antique pieces in the background.
Drew Pritchard in Salvage Hunters (Source: Quest TV YouTube Channel)

Over the years, the series has aired a total of 62 episodes, with Pritchard taking the viewers on thrilling journeys to discover unique items with historical significance. Additionally, he has been featured in the spin-off series “Salvage Hunters: The Restorers,” where he not only shares his antique dealer expertise but also analyzes and restores decorative antiques, making the past come alive once again. This spin-off has run for 68 episodes, allowing him to showcase his skills in preserving the beauty and value of these fascinating items.

In 2018, Pritchard also hosted the show “Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars,” presenting five episodes focused on the world of classic automobiles and their restoration. His passion for antiques and the restoration process has made him a beloved figure on television, captivating audiences with his genuine enthusiasm and love for the artifacts he discovers.

Early Life

Drew Pritchard’s early life was rooted in the housing estates of North Wales, where he grew up. His father worked as a self-employed sign writer, crafting signs for various local antique shops. This exposure to the world of antiques sparked his interest in restoration and collecting from a young age.

After completing school, Pritchard pursued his passion further by becoming an apprentice stained-glass restorer. In his free time, he explored the river banks, collecting interesting items, including old bikes and car parts. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to buy and sell things by the roadside, honing his skills in negotiation and business.

At the age of 15, Pritchard’s dedication to his craft led him to enroll in a Youth Training Scheme, where he received formal training as a stained-glass window restorer and conservator. This early foundation in restoration and antique dealing laid the groundwork for his successful career as an expert in the field and ultimately led him to the fascinating world of “Salvage Hunters” and beyond.

Television Experience Outside Salvage Hunters

While Pritchard is best known for his role in “Salvage Hunters,” he has also ventured into other television projects. In 2020, he took part in the reality show “Three Men Four Wheels.” This exciting series featured him, along with motoring broadcaster Andy Jaye and racing driver Marino Franchitti, embarking on a thrilling journey to explore the world of antique and classic cars.

The show’s focus was to discover and uncover the greatest racing cars of all time, showcasing the history, design, and passion behind these iconic vehicles as mentioned on its IMDb page. The show didn’t do well, with its poor ratings and not being renewed yet after its first season. The season featured 10 episodes providing a captivating insight into the world of vintage automobiles. His expertise as an antique and classic car dealer, combined with Jaye’s broadcasting knowledge and Franchitti’s racing experience, made for a dynamic trio.


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