Doreen Dowdall gained public attention due to her marriage to Brendan O’Carroll. He is a celebrated Hollywood actor best known for his role in the popular television series “Mrs. Brown’s Boys.” Her connection to the actor is primarily through her past marriage to him.

Dowdall was born in Finglas, County Dublin, Ireland, in 1955. She hails from a vibrant cultural background deeply rooted in the heart of Ireland.

Used To Be Brendan O’Carroll’s Wife

How The Former Couple Meet?

Doreen Dowdall and Brendan O’Carroll’s love story was shared by the actor in his biography “The Real Mrs. Brown: The Authorised Biography of Brendan O’Carroll.” The book offers a glimpse into their early connection.

Brendan O'Carroll is wearing a Puma sleeveless sweater with a light blue shirt.
Doreen Dowdall’s ex-husband, Brendan O’Carroll (Source: Pinterest)

According to O’Carroll’s account, the former couple’s paths first crossed in a bustling Dublin club. He was immediately captivated by Dowdall. Recounting the moment, he expressed that it was love at first sight for him. “I knew then I wanted her to be my girlfriend,” he reminisced.

The Marriage And Divorce

Dowdall and O’Carroll’s marriage journey spanned over two decades. But, it was not without its challenges. After exchanging vows in 1975, the couple embarked on a shared life journey filled with both joyous moments and trials.

However, in 1999, after 22 years of marriage, Doreen and Brendan made the difficult decision to part ways. He has since publicly acknowledged his shortcomings within the marriage.

O’Carroll has expressed regret for his past actions. He has openly admitted to being arrogant and selfish. Reflecting on his behavior, he admitted, “I thought, ‘Well, I can’t leave because if I do she will fall apart,’ which was selfish and arrogant of me.”

Has A Few Kids With Her Ex-Husband

Doreen and Brendan’s familial legacy extends beyond their marital union. They are parents to three children. Among them, Danny O’Carroll and Fiona O’Carroll have chosen to pursue careers in acting.

Danny was born on October 15, 1983. He faced educational challenges due to severe dyslexia, leading him to leave school at 15. Despite this, he found his niche in acting.

Danny, Fiona, and Eric O'Carroll
Doreen Dowdall’s kids’, Danny (right), Fiona (middle), and Eric O’Carroll (Source: Instagram @dannyocarroll)

Fiona Helen O’Carroll was born on September 14, 1980. She cultivated her passion for the arts early on, earning a degree in film and production from DLIAT. Her journey to success began at the age of 10 with the release of her song “Bitten By the Bug,” which garnered widespread acclaim.

Eric O’Carroll maintains a relatively low profile in the public eye. While information about him remains sparse, his involvement in the entertainment industry is noteworthy. He has appeared in several episodes of “Mrs. Brown’s Boys: The Original Series” and lent his voice to the popular animated series “PAW Patrol.” Additionally, he made contributions to the film adaptation of “Mrs. Brown’s Boys.”

Doreen Lost Her First Child

Doreen endured the heartbreaking loss of her first child, Brendan O’Carroll II. He came into the world in 1979 but tragically passed away within the same month of his birth. Her son faced challenges from the outset due to complications arising from Spina Bifida.

O’Carroll, much later, shared candidly about the profound impact of his son’s death. He revealed how it shattered him emotionally. Despite the pain of this loss, Brendan holds onto the belief in an afterlife, expressing hopeful anticipation of one day reuniting with his departed son.

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Current Relationship Status

Doreen Dowdall’s present romantic situation appears to involve cohabitation with her partner, Tommy. They live somewhere in the United States, although we can’t say for sure.

Brendan O'Carroll is holding an award and Jennifer Gibney is holding him as they are giving an award in the red carpet event.
Brendan O’Carroll and his wife, Jennifer Gibney (Source: Pinterest)

Meanwhile, Doreen’s former spouse Brendan O’Carroll has found enduring love with Jennifer Gibney. They wed in 2005. Their marriage has stood the test of time, symbolizing a strong and lasting union.

How Doreen’s Divorce Shaped Her Daughter?

Fiona was just a child when her parents’ marriage ended in divorce. It was an experience that left a lasting impression on her. Determined not to subject her children to the same pain, she made a conscious decision to prioritize the stability of her own family.

Despite facing challenges within her marriage to Martin, Fiona held on for a significant period. It was driven by her steadfast commitment to shield her children from the turmoil of divorce, as reported in Irish Mirror.

Net Worth Status

Doreen Dowdall maintains a discreet lifestyle with little public information available regarding her net worth. Her former husband Brendan O’Carroll has achieved considerable success as both a writer and an actor. Estimated to possess a net worth of approximately $10.1 million, he has garnered recognition primarily through his involvement in the BBC show “Mrs. Brown Boys.”

Brendan’s financial achievements are evident in his extensive property portfolio. He boasts ownership of seven residences scattered across Florida, as reported in Daily Mail. Notably, in 2016, he acquired a lavish £1.8 million house in Indian Rocks Beach, further expanding his real estate holdings.


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