Nicole Young, the divorcee of the famous basketball player Sedale Threatt, finally settled down with Dr. Dre, a rap star, DJ and the owner of the well-known music appliance maker Beats. While Sedale had been very attached to Nicole, she burst out of his life to marry Dre. In this hot pot of gossips, we will also look at the ethnicity Nicole represents.

Nicole Young is with her lover Dr Dre since the last twenty years

The 46 years old Nicole and 51 years old Dre are well settled and attached to each other after two decades of marriage. While Nicole had been left devastated after the break up with Sedale Threatt, she seems to have found her eternal love of her life. Dr.Dre and Nicole have two children together.

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Interestingly, this marriage is not the first for any of them. In the past, Dr. Dre was with four women in different courses of his life. Among the four, he even had three children. Dre hasn’t had any contact with his exes after the divorce and breakups. Moreover, Nicole is the one who truly stole the heart of the NWA member, Dr. Dre.

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After the couple married in 1996, they seem to have had a lot of fun. Dr. Dre is worth more than $500 million. It’s enough for the couple to keep them going around the world. Their five children are also happy with the post-marriage relationship of their parents. Amazingly, Dre has even given the last name of Nicole to all of his children – Curtis Young, Marcel Young, Tyra Young, Andre Young Jr., Truly Young and Truth Young.

The couple has been living a very lavish life. They have a mansion worth $15.4 million spreading over an area of around 10000 square foot. What's more, Nicole and Young are rumored to be planning for another similar mansion.

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The marriage had been a real difficult decision for both Dre and Young. On one of his letters, Dre wrote to Nicole – “Nicole, Hореfullу уоu dоing wеll аnd уоu realized уоu nееd tо ԛuit f**king with Sedale аnd соmе home tо уоur doctor. I will tаkе care оf уоu baby girl”. That’s the exact writing from the letter. Well, we can clearly see how much the couple were in love back then.

Nicole Young is a White American

Nicole Young is undoubtedly an American born woman. She represents the majority White ethnicity of the American society. Young was born in America on January 1,1970. Her father and mother both were Americans from their ancestral times. While referred to as the woman from the White ethnicity, Nicole has a tanned complexion with black eyes and long black hair.

After the Interracial marriage, Dr. Dre and Nicole Young have come very far in their relationship. Long live their love!