Dinah Mattingly was there for him all through Larry Bird’s remarkable career as an iconic basketball player. The famous maestro of the hoop he played well for the Celtics. He became very popular due to his skilled passes, accurate shot attempts as well and exceptional playing styles that landed him on the list of top basketball players across history.

Mattingly was born in the heartland of West Baden, Indiana on the 16th of November 1954. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio which only spices up her charming character. Let’s learn more about the wife of a well-known basketball player.

The Life Of A Married Woman

The legendary Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly started their marriage on a beautiful journey, which formally commenced on the gorgeous day of 31st October 1989. Their love story found culmination in the aisle through the most unique, but casual proposal by the basketball artist.

Larry Bird is wearing a black suit as he is talking through the mic on stage.
Dinah Mattingly’s husband, Larry Bird (Source: House of Highlights YouTube Channel)

That day has been engraved on Dinah’s mind. On board the Bronco of Larry, Bird opted to make an offer of the marriage proposal. The man himself as simple was his proposal. He gave her the rings as they were driving along, saying, ‘If you wish, you may wear it now.’ In such an unpretentious manner, their wedding was initiated with the simplicity and honesty that have always formed the foundation of their relationship.

The simple wedding ceremony which took place in Terre Haute, Ind., was filled with love. In the event, both Larry and Dinah chose stone-washed jeans to give an element of informality to the five-minute ceremony, as reported in ESPN. The kind of dressing they donned reflected their simple affection, and their wedding was a reflection of how genuinely in love they were with one another.

A College Love

Fate brought the connection between Mattingly and Bird together in Indiana State University hallways. It was through college life that they got together and their unity remained strong in all circumstances. He was just out of his wedding to his childhood friend Janet Condra when she entered his life.

Bird had just gotten married to Condra when he joined Indiana State and they separated in 1976. Nonetheless, as life took unexpected twists and turns for the both of them, he and Dinah found an accompanying journey that eclipsed previous heartaches. During the same time, the Basketball legend was going through his father’s suicide.

Contribution To The Reconciliation Of Bird With His Daughter.

Dinah Mattingly helped close the emotional gap between Bird and his young daughter Corrie. She was conceived in his first marriage to Condra. But, he didn’t believe it was his daughter and rejected her. Condra approached him and asked for child support but he did not take responsibility. A final conclusive DNA test did ultimately prove he was her father after all.

Corrie Bird is smiling as she is taking a selfie.
Larry Bird’s first child Corrie Bird (Source: Corrie Bird Twitter @Corrie_Bird)

About this recognition, Larry kept his distance when it came to Corrie’s upbringing. However, it was Dinah who made an effort, not as a matter of necessity but to fit her daughter into their family dynamics. She involved her husband’s kid in sincerely hearted talks and had offered nice invitations for Pacers games on top of it, when “The Hick from French Lick,” occupied a role on that team.

Mattingly went beyond the extra mile when she left tickets for Corrie and her friend such that she not only felt included in Pacer’s basketball but was completely welcomed. Her compassionate attempts eventually broke down the walls of estrangement and led to an unbelievable conversation between Bird and his daughter that created a new beginning for this relationship.

Mother To Adopted Kids

Likewise, for Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird, love goes beyond the hardwood courts and towards the embracing arms of their families. After adopting another daughter named Mariah in 1991, their heart grew bigger. The next year in 1992 they added another member to their family through the adoption of their son, Conner.

Indeed, a trailblazing route into the global arena of events was pioneered by Mariah. Her involvement goes beyond event coordination, as she is also one of PS&E’s famous Event Coordinators and the Special Projects Manager.

In 2011, Conner had a difficult section of his life where he was charged with minor charges of underage drinking and disturbance. However, yet another troubled path of his, this time in a more serious set of legal issues, came about in the year Neymar joined FC Barcelona, i.e., in 2013. This was brought about by a charge of battery that followed an accusation against his former girlfriend who alleged that he tried to run her over with his vehicle.

The legal remedy was a deferred maximum of one year imprisonment and a five hundred thousand dollars fine subject to some terms. These were among the conditions that were imposed on Bird’s son which included being involved in a mentorship program and avoiding committing further crimes. This was probably a challenging time for him, but this was also an opportune moment when he could correct himself and steer his life towards a better path with good results.

Mini Bio On Larry Bird

The legendary Larry Bird was among the greats who wrote their name into the history books after his outstanding career playing for the Boston Celtics. He dressed up in the famous number 33 jersey and played various roles, such as a power forward and small forward. For all his achievements, his induction into the Hall of Fame in 1998 acknowledges that Michael’s effect on basketball is everlasting.

However, one of the outstanding events of Bird’s successful career happened when he made 60 points on his career’s highest match on March 12, 1985, and led his team over the Atlanta Hawks, as mentioned on the NBA’s official website. This was a great performance that extended not only to personal success but also to team success when he won three NBA championship titles (1981, 1984, 1986) with two NBA finals MVP titles (1984, 1986).

These, and Larry’s subsequent three straight NBA Most Valuable Player awards from 1984 to 1986, further accentuated his talent. Additionally, he has also been selected as an All-Star on 12 occasions proving without any doubt he was a true basketball legend whose legacy will continue inspiring others even centuries later.

Net Worth Status

The story of an impressive financial tale, Dinah Mattingly is there along with her husband Larry Bird. This net worth of approximately $75 Million, similar to Katie Couric’s, proves his position among the giants who ruled the basketball world. That huge wealth must be coming from his great basketball career.

In addition, Bird created new precedents both on and off the court about how much he earned during his playing days. During the 1991-92 season, he would become the first basketball player to score over $5 Million a year, making more than $7 Million! He spent his time with the Boston Celtics which were characterized by success at the court and financial breakthroughs. Celtics’ legend managed to make as much as $24 Million working in the team.


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