Diesel Creek is popular YouTube Channel that centers on various exciting topics like Heavy Equipment, Construction, Property Management, Fabrication & Repair, and Homesteading. The channel is managed by Matt Stelar, who shares his expertise and experiences in these areas with his viewers.

With an impressive subscriber count of over 639,000, Creek has become a go-to destination for enthusiasts and learners looking to gain insights into world of heavy machinery, building and maintenance, property management, crafting, and creating sustainable homesteads. Stelar’s engaging content and informative videos have contributed to the channel’s widespread appeal and growing community.

Stelar Is A Married Man

Diesel Creek, also known as Matt Stelar, is happily married to his wife named Eva Creek. They tied the knot on October 22, 2021, in joyous celebration of their love. She is video creator who shares her creative work on various platforms. She is particularly active on Instagram, where she occasionally posts about her life with Stelar.

Matt Stelar and Eva Creek are at the con expo.
Matt Stelar with his wife, Eva Creek (Source: Eva Creek Instagram @devacreek)

Through her posts, Eva gives glimpse into their journey together, capturing special moments and adventures they share as couple. Their marriage not only signifies deep bond between two individuals but also highlights importance of supporting and cherishing each other’s passions.

Net Worth Status

Diesel Creek, also known as Matt Stelar, has built a notable net worth estimated at $1 million, primarily through his successful YouTube channel. His main source of income comes from creating and sharing construction-related videos that have resonated well with his audience. With an impressive work ethic, he consistently uploads around four videos per month, and each of these videos garners an average of 700,000 views.

This high viewership translates to significant ad revenue, with Stelar making at least $50,400 every month solely from his YouTube ad earnings. His dedication to creating engaging and informative content has not only brought financial success but has also established him as a reputable figure in the world of online content creation. Alongside his YouTube success, he offers Diesel Creek merchandise, including T-shirts, Foam Drink Koozies, Trucker Caps, and Stickers, as mentioned on his official website. These items allow his fans to support him and be a part of the Creek community in a more tangible way.

Stelar boasts an impressive array of heavy vehicles, including an upgraded Bobcat skid-steer and handcrafted International Dump Truck. Noteworthy additions like the Kubota Light Tower and the dependable Komat’su Excavator play crucial roles. Autocar Semis are in restoration, while unique machines like “Christine” and “Fat Alice” have their tasks. The Caterpillar Bulldozer remains reliable, and the Allis-Chambers Forklift aids heavy lifting. His vehicle collection showcases his expertise across construction and homesteading projects.

In addition to his primary sources of income, Stelar employs a smart strategy to generate additional revenue by incorporating affiliate links into his videos. These links, often directing viewers to platforms like Amazon and Yank Him Ropes, offer viewers the opportunity to purchase products related to his content. By using these affiliate links, he earns commissions for every purchase made through them. This approach not only allows him to provide his audience with easy access to relevant products but also contributes to his overall earnings.

Channel’s Song Created By The Semi-Supervillains

The distinctive identity of the Creek Channel is further enhanced by its unique theme song titled “Diesel Creek,” which has been crafted by the musical talents of the Semi-Supervillans. This song adds memorable touch to the channel’s content, resonating with its focus on heavy equipment, construction, and more. Notably, the lead singer of the Semi-Supervillans happens to be close friend of Matt Stelar, as mentioned in an article from YouTube Fandom. This personal connection brings an authentic and heartfelt dimension to the song, reflecting the camaraderie and shared passion that fuel the YouTuber’s endeavors.

The Semi-Supervillains are playing on the stage, one on drums and two are on guitars.
The Semi-Supervillains performing in Nashville (Source: The Semi-Supervillains Instagram @tssvillians

Hailing from the vibrant musical scene of Nashville, The Semi-Supervillains is a rock and roll band that has earned distinct reputation as “your older brother’s cool rock and roll band.” Their energetic live performances have captivated audiences for more than a decade, establishing them as standout presence in the music scene.

With a sound that seamlessly blends garage-rock, power pop, and rockabilly influences, The Semi-Supervillains have garnered national recognition and acclaim. Their music not only showcases their immense talent but also reflects their dedication to crafting a unique and engaging musical experience for their listeners. Through their dynamic performances and genre-blending approach, the band has carved out a significant place in the rock and roll landscape.

About Diesel Creek YouTube Channel

Stelar’s YouTube Channel is dedicated to providing engaging content about a range of subjects including Heavy Equipment, Construction, Property Management, Fabrication & Repair, and Homesteading. The channel, which was established on November 15, 2006, has amassed impressive viewership of over 152 million total views.

With a substantial fan base, Diesel Creek has garnered over 639,000 subscribers who eagerly follow its updates. One of most popular videos on the channel is titled “Sitting 20+ years, Will this MASSIVE Wheel Loader Run and Drive home?!?! (Cummins Power!),” which has achieved remarkable view count of over 3.3 million. This remarkable success is a testament to informative and engaging content that channel consistently delivers to its dedicated audience.

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Have Two Furry Friends

In addition to their shared passions and endeavors, Stelar and his wife, Eva Creek, are also proud pet parents to two adorable furry companions. Their two beloved boy dogs, named Rosco and Meatball, hold a special place in their hearts. Rosco, an English Setter, brings his unique charm and playful energy to their lives, while Meatball, an English Bulldog, adds a dose of adorable quirkiness to their household.

Rosco and Meatball are lying together.
Matt Stelar’s pet dogs, Rosco and Meatball (Source: Eva Creek Instagram @devacreek)

Matt and Eva frequently share glimpses of their furry friends’ antics and heartwarming moments on their Instagram accounts. Through these posts, they not only showcase their love for their dogs but also invite their followers to share in the joy and companionship that Rosco and Meatball bring to their daily lives.

Social Media Presence

Maintaining an active social media presence, Matt Stelar is an Instagram user with the handle @dieselcreek. On his Instagram account, he shares insights into his work, offering a behind-the-scenes look at his projects and the world of heavy equipment and construction. While he provides a glimpse into his professional life, he also lets his audience in on aspects of his personal experiences.

Beyond his account, Stelar can also be spotted on his wife Eva’s Instagram, where she goes by the handle @devacreek. Although his wife doesn’t post as frequently, her account offers occasional insights into their life together, providing a well-rounded perspective on their journey and experiences as a couple. Together, their social media presence gives followers a more holistic view of their lives and passions.

What Is Diesel Creek’s Content?

Diesel Creek’s content is a captivating blend of projects centered around heavy equipment, construction, and homesteading. From engine replacements and dump truck conversions to innovative constructions and homestead building, each series offers a unique glimpse into Stelar’s skilled endeavors.

Alongside his daily work and the engaging journey of renovating an abandoned church, Stelar shares insightful “Pro Tips” and delves into tool restoration, vehicle transformations, and the revival of neglected heavy machinery. The channel serves as an invaluable resource for enthusiasts and learners interested in the intricacies of heavy equipment, construction techniques, and the art of homesteading.


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