Dianne Holechek was Chuck Norris’s first wife. They were married in the early years of his career. Although their marriage ended in divorce, she played a significant role in his life during those early days. Chuck Norris is a legendary figure in the entertainment industry, known for his tough-guy image and his martial arts skills.

Holechek was born on November 27, 1941, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Nowadays, she enjoys a quieter and more private life. After her marriage to Norris and their divorce, she chose to live a life away from the public eye. She might be spending time with her loved ones, or simply enjoying the peaceful moments that life has to offer.

The First Woman Chuck Norris Tied The Knot With

Dianne Holechek shared a special bond with Chuck Norris as they embarked on their journey of love and marriage on December 29, 1958. Back then, they were two young souls full of hope and dreams. While their marriage eventually ended, that day in 1958 was the start of a chapter in their lives that shaped them in ways they could have never imagined.

Chuck Norris and Gena O'Kelley are sitting in table holding hands and posing for the picture.
Chuck Norris with his current wife, Gena O’Kelley (Source: Chuck Norris Instagram @chucknorris)

Dianne and Chuck’s marriage was a rather simple and traditional one. The actor, wearing his Air Force uniform, committed love and cherished her on their wedding day. It was a special moment when two young hearts, she at 17 and her husband at 18, said their vows and embarked on the journey of marriage. At such a tender age, they took on the responsibilities and challenges of married life.

How Did Dianne And Chuck’s Love Story Start?

Holechek and Norris’s love story began at a time when they were both students at North High School in Torrance, California. Back then, they were just ordinary teenagers, going to classes, sharing laughs, and getting to know each other. Little did they know that their chance meeting at school would eventually lead to a lifelong connection.

In 1958, Chuck made a significant decision by joining the United States Air Force. The martial artist took on the role of an Air Policeman. Around the same time, he had another important proposal in mind – a proposal of love to Dianne. He sent her a heartfelt letter from South Korea, filled with his feelings and a promise for their future together. It was a romantic and sincere gesture, a way for him to express his deep affection for Holechek despite the distance and his military service.

What Caused The Marriage With Norris To End?

Dianne Holechek’s marriage to Chuck Norris sadly came to an end in the year Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s sister, Annabella was born, i.e., in 1989. One of the main reasons behind their divorce was the actor’s infidelity. This was undoubtedly a challenging and painful period in their lives, as infidelity can deeply strain a marriage.

During Dianne and Chuck’s marriage, there was a difficult period when the actor was involved in an extra-marital relationship with a mysterious woman named Johanna. This happened while he was stationed in California as part of his service in the US Air Force. Such situations can be incredibly tough for both partners in a marriage.

Norris’s omission of being a married man when he was with Johanna was a painful secret that he carried. His feelings of shame over this deception are understandable, as honesty is the foundation of trust in any relationship. What’s even more poignant is that not only did Johanna not know about Chuck’s marriage, but even their daughter, Dina, was unaware of her father’s identity at the time.

Chuck Norris, Dina, Damien, Dante and Eli are all posing for one big picture.
Chuck Norris with his daughter, Dina, her husband, Damien, and her sons Dante & Eli (Source: Chuck Norris Facebook)

The Love Child Of Chuck And Johanna

Dina’s discovery of her true parentage was a surprising and emotional moment in her life. Born in 1963, she stumbled upon the truth when she overheard her mother, Johanna discussing Chuck Norris with a friend. She, realizing that the secret had come out, then confirmed to the daughter that the legendary Martial artist and actor was indeed her biological father. He wasn’t aware of that back then, as mentioned in an article from Contact Music.

Norris’s unawareness of having a child with Johanna, adds another layer to this complex family story. Dina’s decision to reach out to the actor in 1991, after so many years, must have been a difficult and brave step for her. At that time, he was married and had his children, and it seems that her mother had wanted to keep this family secret hidden. However, her desire to connect with her biological father outweighed any reservations about the situation.

Chuck’s heartfelt response to meeting his daughter, Dina, is truly touching. His words, “I didn’t need DNA or blood tests. I went to her, wrapped my arms around her, and we both started crying. At that moment, it was as if I had known her all my life,” reflect the powerful connection and love that can exist between a parent and child, regardless of the circumstances.

Net Worth Of Norris’s First Wife

Dianne Holechek, with an estimated net worth of around $1 million, has chosen to lead a low-profile life in recent years. It’s a bit unclear about her current occupation or activities. However, she has had quite a diverse and interesting past. She dabbled in acting, once owned a restaurant, and even ventured into the music industry as a record producer.

Additionally, it’s possible that Holechek received a settlement from her divorce from Chuck Norris. It could have contributed to her net worth. Regardless of her current pursuits, it’s evident that she has accumulated a wealth of experiences throughout her life.

What Is Holechek Up To Nowadays? (Plus, Her Previous Work)

These days, it’s a bit of a mystery as to what Holechek is up to. She has maintained a low profile in recent years. Looking back at her past, she did make some interesting career moves. In the year Mitch Gaylord won the Olympic gold medal, i.e., in 1984, she made a brief appearance in one episode of the TV mini-series “Hollywood ’84.”

Additionally, Norris’ ex-wife, Dianne ventured into the restaurant business, owning a restaurant in Newport Beach at one point before deciding to sell it. Another fascinating chapter in her life was her work as a record producer in Toluca Lake, demonstrating her diverse interests and talents.

Has Two Kids With Her Ex-Husband

Dianne Holechek’s family extended beyond her marriage with Chuck Norris, as they share two sons: Michael R. Norris and Eric Scott Norris. Both of her sons have followed in their father’s footsteps by getting involved in the film industry. It’s heartwarming to see the continuation of the family’s legacy in entertainment.

Michael, the eldest son born on October 4, 1962, in Redondo Beach, California, has made quite a name for himself in the world of entertainment. He’s a talented actor and a skilled stuntman, following in his father’s footsteps in the film industry. His acting credits include notable roles in “Walker, Texas Ranger” and “Bells of Innocence.” In addition to his acting prowess, he’s been the driving force behind some heart-pounding stunts for major productions like “Rush Hour 3” and “Prison Break.”

Dianne Holechek is posing in between Michael R. Norris and Eric Scott Norris for the picture.
Dianne Holechek with her sons, Michael R. Norris and Eric Scott Norris (Source: Michael Norris Instagram @director_norris)

Eric, born on May 20, 1965, took a slightly different path in the world of entertainment compared to his brother Michael. He pursued a career as a stuntman and also delved into the thrilling world of stock car racing. He started it in 1982 but put a temporary halt on his racing pursuits to focus on his education. After completing his college, he returned to his old ways. He has competed in events like the Formula Ford series.

Besides his racing endeavors, Eric has also made a name for himself as a skilled stuntman as per his IMDb page. His stunt work has been featured in some notable movies, including “Universal Soldier,” “Cloverfield,” and “The Town.” Being a stuntman requires a unique blend of physical prowess, courage, and creativity.


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