Updated: 03/13/2017 10:49 AM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

Diane Sawyer's husband died in 2014 after 26 years of marriage

Diane Sawyer was happy with her husband

Diane Sawyer enjoyed 26 years of her life being a better half to Mike Nichols before the cloud of grief and sadness covered her happiness. Her marital life ended when her husband Mike Nichols left the world on 19th November 2014, aged 83. 

The duo met on 1986 at Paris airport. Prior to meeting Sawyer, Nichols was also struggling with health problems. Hospitalized because of heart problem, he was treated with Halcion, a powerful drug, which later left Nichols addicted.

Meeting Sawyer gave Nichols a fresh start to his life. Same happened to her as well as she felt like she found her prince charming. The two developed a good rapport in between and their relation worked as a cure for Nichols. Stating about his relation with Sawyer, Nichols had said, “My life began at 54. I had loved other women, but not like this.”

They married on 29th April 1988 on Martha’s Vineyard. She is parenting three children from her husband’s previous marriage.