Updated: 03/13/2017 10:54 AM | First Published: 02/19/2017 06:15 PM

Diane Sawyer's ageless beauty secrets: workouts routine & plastic surgery

Ageless beauty Diane Sawyer rocks black outfit

Diane Sawyer, ABC news anchor is the perfect example of an ageless beauty. Already reached the age bar of the 70s, but is still exemplified for her elegance and perfection. Sharing her familiarity with an on-screen camera from past five decades, Sawyer has left no stone unturned when it comes to finding a solid ground wherever, she stepped in.

The beautiful anchor is admired by millions from around the world not only for her anchoring skills but also for her voluptuous figure. No exact statistical data of her body measurements has been unveiled yet but she has left the reason for many women even younger than her to be jealous of her when she flaunts her beautiful curves in figure-hugging dresses.

While outlooks are one of the interrelating features for the journalists to their on-camera career, Diane Sawyer often presents herself with the impeccably dressed personality. Mostly, she seems dressed tight fitting skirts and high heels exposing her pair of sexy and slender legs. Diana stands with a tall height of the 5 feet 9 inches and has a balanced weight. Blessed with naturally blonde hair and sexy blue eyes, this gorgeous lady acquires such tempting features that do not let anyone take eyes off her.

Diane has been helped by her fitness trainer Jim Karas to stay fit and healthy until this age. Reportedly, Karas prescribes two or three fitness training exercise sessions of about half an hour weekly, along with 5 minutes of cardio exercise to warm up for this 70-years-old. 

Do you think it’s all natural? There is big “No” from all around for this question. In addition to being blessed with the good genes, perhaps, plastic surgery has helped her in maintaining such magnificence. It is evident from her recent pictures that she might have undergone anti-ageing treatments like lower facelift, neck lift, and Botox injection. Similarly, Sawyer’s toned figure has also left some doubts if she has been under the surgeon's knife to get it enhanced. But her scheduled workouts and well-balanced diet seem to be a secret behind it.