Derek Bieri, born on May 16, 1984, in Minot, ND, is a well-known YouTuber who runs the channel Vice Grip Garage. His YouTube channel is primarily centered around automobiles, and he is widely recognized for his expertise in budget builds and vehicle rescues. With a strong passion for cars and mechanics, he has attracted a large audience of automotive enthusiasts who eagerly follow his adventures in the garage.

As a Taurus, Bieri is known for his determination and practical approach to solving problems, which reflects in the way he tackles various automotive challenges on his channel. His dedication and creativity in his content have made Vice Grip Garage a favorite destination for car lovers seeking inspiration and entertainment in the world of automobiles.

Bieri’s Relationship Status

Derek Bieri’s relationship status reveals that he is happily married to his wife, Jessica Bieri. They tied the knot in 2008, and their strong bond has grown over the years. She is known to be a supportive and caring wife, standing by his side in his endeavors with Vice Grip Garage and his automotive passion.

Jessica Bieri is taking the selfie as Derek Bieri looks on.
Derek Bieri with his wife, Jessica Bieri (Source: Jessica Bieri Instagram @hello_jessica_b)

Jessica’s active presence on social media, particularly on Instagram, showcases her love and admiration for Derek, as she frequently shares posts and updates about their life. Their loving relationship has become an inspiration to many of their followers, and their shared interests in cars and adventures have brought them even closer. Together, they continue to make a formidable team, both in their personal life and in the automotive world.

How Much Money Does Bieri Makes?

Derek Bieri’s estimated net worth is around $1 million, primarily sourced from his successful venture, Vice Grip Garage. Apart from running the popular YouTube channel with the same name, which garners an impressive average of 400,000 views per video, he also generates substantial income through ad revenue. One of his videos alone earns him over $72,000 in ad revenue alone, showcasing the immense popularity of his content.

Additionally, Bieri has expanded his brand and income streams by selling merchandise related to Vice Grip Garage, including T-shirts, work shirts, key tags, stickers, and more. These merch sales add to his overall earnings and contribute to the growth of his net worth. Through his hard work, dedication, and engaging content, he has managed to build a successful online presence and a thriving business, turning his passion for cars into a lucrative and rewarding career.

Bieri Is A Father

Aside from his successful career as a YouTuber and entrepreneur, Bieri is also a loving father to three sons. Although he has chosen to keep much of their personal lives private, his wife Jessica enjoys sharing glimpses of their children on her Instagram account. Through her posts, it’s evident that the kids have a close and affectionate relationship with their father, Derek.

All three of Derek Bieri son's are posing in a black hoodie.
Derek Bieri’s three sons (Source: Jessica Bieri Instagram @hello_jessica_b)

Bieri and the kids love spending time together and cherish the moments they get to hang out with him. Derek, in turn, is a dedicated and caring father, making sure to be there for his children despite his busy schedule. The bond between him and his sons is heartwarming, and it’s clear that family is an essential aspect of his life.

About Bieri’s YouTube Career

Bieri’s YouTube career has been nothing short of remarkable, thanks to his channel called Vice Grip Garage. This automotive-focused channel caters to a wide audience, offering content on budget builds, rescues, and how-to’s, making it accessible and enjoyable for people from all walks of life. His expertise extends to a diverse range of vehicles, including classic cars, trucks, muscle cars, rat rods, motorcycles, and even tractors, showcasing his versatility and passion for all things automotive.

Since joining YouTube on December 9, 2007, Bieri’s hard work and dedication have paid off, earning him a substantial following. With more than 1.6 million subscribers and over 421 million total views, Vice Grip Garage has become a go-to destination for car enthusiasts and those seeking engaging and informative content.

Among Bieri’s many successful videos, one of the most popular ones titled “Will It RUN AND DRIVE 600 Miles Home? 1968 Buick LeSabre 400 FORGOTTEN For 26 YEARS!” has captured the hearts of viewers, amassing over 12 million views. His passion for sharing his automotive adventures has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on his audience, and his commitment to quality content continues to make Vice Grip Garage a beloved and influential channel in the online automotive community.

Runs A Garage

Bieri’s garage, Vice Grip Garage, is a family-based automotive haven situated in Tennessee. At this cozy and welcoming garage, he and his team have a special focus on rescuing and restoring old cars, breathing new life into vintage treasures. His journey in the automotive world began back in early 2005 when he started buying, flipping, and restoring cars with his characteristic passion and skill.

The Vice Grip Garage has two blue cars.
Derek Bieri’s Vice Grip Garage (Source: Derek Bieri Instagram @vicegripgarage)

Since then, Bieri has worked his magic on an impressive number of over 350 cars, as mentioned on his official website, each project is a testament to his dedication and expertise. At Vice Grip Garage, they take great pride in their hands-on approach, ensuring that every car they work on receives the utmost care and attention.

The garage’s warm and family-friendly atmosphere adds to its charm, making it a place where both cars and people find rejuvenation and a new lease on life. Through their love for classic automobiles and commitment to excellence, Bieri and his team continue to leave their mark on the automotive restoration community.

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Importance Of Vehicle For Bieri

For Derek Bieri, vehicles hold immense importance as they are more than just machines; each one has a unique story waiting to be uncovered and shared. He believes that every vehicle, regardless of its age or condition, carries a piece of history that deserves to be preserved and understood.

Through his work at Vice Grip Garage and various TV shows, Bieri is on a mission to uncover these stories and bring them to light. He is also dedicated to getting younger generations involved in the automotive world, passing on his knowledge and passion to inspire a new wave of car enthusiasts. His commitment goes beyond preserving history; he is also determined to rescue and save vehicles that are extraordinary or deserve a second chance from being sent to the crusher. By breathing new life into these cars, he ensures that their stories continue to live on for generations to come, contributing to the rich tapestry of automotive history.

Has Worked On A Few Shows

In addition to running Vice Grip Garage and his successful YouTube channel, Derek Bieri has also made appearances on various TV shows, showcasing his expertise and passion for cars to a broader audience. One of the shows he has been a part of is “Roadworthy Rescues,” where his skills as a writer were put to use in creating compelling and engaging content for the series. The show, with eight episodes, likely offered viewers valuable insights into the world of automotive rescues and restorations.

Bieri, as mentioned on his IMDb page, also participated as a self-competitor in the thrilling “Hooptie World Championship” TV series in 2021, where car enthusiasts faced off in a competition featuring unique and unconventional vehicles. His presence on the show allowed fans to witness his talent and determination in action.

Moreover, during the holiday season, Bieri took on the role of a host in the “Holiday Hooptie Challenge III” TV special in 2022, making the festivities even more exciting for viewers. Derek’s appearances on these TV shows have not only expanded his reach but have also allowed him to share his love for cars with an even broader audience, leaving a lasting impact on the automotive entertainment industry.


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