Updated: 12/28/2016 11:06 AM | First Published: 12/27/2016 03:40 PM

Depression was a cause of Wayne Brady's divorce with second wife

Wayne Brady with ex wife Mandie Taketa and daughter Maile

Professional life and personal life are like two sides of a coin for every actor but it’s hard to maintain a stable balance. Wayne Brady reportedly had a "complete breakdown" in mid-2014 and hit rock bottom. 

As a matter of fact, depression was one of the factors that affected his marital life. In an interview, Brady opened up about his it and how it affected his personal life. He said, “having a bad day is one thing, having a bad week is another, having a bad life, you don’t want to move, you can’t move in the darkness”. On the road to recovery, he credits his ex wife, Mandie Adell for the support she provided. “She was down there with me when nobody in the world was down with me, expect my mom. There was loyalty there, there was respect, there is truest- she is my baby mama”.

Brady has been married twice. He was first married to Diana Lasso. The couple tied the knot on 31st December 1993. Their marriage was short-lived as the couple called off their relation and opted for divorce in 21st September 1995. 

He remained single for four years and got married for the second time on 3rd April 1999 with Mandie Adell. From his second marriage, Brady has a daughter named Maile Masako Brady who was born on 3rd February 2003. The couple separated on 5th April 2006 before filing divorce on 2nd July 2007. 

Despite separating, the couple is co-parenting their daughter due to which reports have claimed that Mandie has bought a house in Brady’s neighborhood. 

In 2014, Brady shortly romanced TLC singer Rozonda Chilli Thomas. After failing to keep three women, few questions have emerged about his sexuality. Rumours of Brady being gay have been heard quite a few times in the media.