Deep Katdare, a smart and talented guy from America who used to be an actor, found his happily ever after with Reshma Shetty. Now, Reshma is an actress originally from Britain, but she’s embraced the American dream. You might know her as Divya Katdare from that awesome TV show, “Royal Pains.”

Katdare was born on July 4, 1970, making him a proud Cancer. Imagine celebrating your birthday on the same day as the United States – it’s like a double dose of fireworks and joy! His hometown is the city of Buffalo in New York, USA.

Married To Reshma Shetty

Deep Katdare hit the jackpot in the love department when he tied the knot with Reshma Shetty on March 19, 2011. Their wedding was like a magical fusion of cultures and romance. Picture this: the couple exchanged vows in a beautiful Indian Hindu ceremony, embracing the rich traditions and colors of their heritage.

Deep Katdare and Reshma Shetty are taking a selfie together.
Deep Katdare with his wife Reshma Shetty (Source: Reshma Shetty Instagram @reshmashetty)

The festivities didn’t stop there. Deep and Reshma continued with a grand ballroom reception in the heart of New York City. The city lights twinkled, and the dance floor buzzed with joy as they embarked on their journey as a married couple.

Has Worked With His Wife

Katdare and his wife, Shetty, have also shared the spotlight in the enchanting world of musicals. In the mesmerizing production of “Bombay Dreams,” the two lovebirds brought their chemistry to the stage. Picture this: she played the role of Priya, a character filled with grace and charm, while he stepped into the shoes of her betrothed, creating a magical connection that transcended the script, as mentioned in the Inside Weddings article.

The stage wasn’t just set for Bombay Dreams; it was set for the dreams and love shared by this dynamic duo. Deep and Reshma’s collaboration in “Bombay Dreams” wasn’t just a musical; it was a celebration of love.

Katdare Is A Father

Katdare and Shetty’s love story became even more complete with the arrival of their precious daughter, Ariya Eliana, on October 6, 2015. The name of his child carries a beautiful meaning, signifying a noble gift from God, and she truly is a little bundle of joy.

Deep Katdare and Ariya Eliana are hugging each other.
Deep Katdare with his daughter, Ariya Eliana (Source: Reshma Shetty Instagram @reshmashetty)

Shetty proudly shares the joys of motherhood on her Instagram, where every scroll is like a journey through the heartwarming moments of Ariya’s life. From adorable smiles to tiny milestones, the actress feed is a gallery of love and laughter. It’s like a digital scrapbook capturing the magic of parenthood, and each photo tells a story of the incredible bond between them and their daughter.

What Is Katdare’s Current Work?

Deep Katdare is currently making waves as the Senior Vice President at The Related Companies, a big-shot American real estate firm. His workplace is the bustling 60 Columbus Circle in the heart of NYC, where skyscrapers touch the clouds. He stepped into the world of The Related Companies in May 2015, and ever since he’s been like the captain steering the ship through the real estate seas.

Being a Senior Vice President isn’t just a job title; it’s like being the superhero of property deals and business strategies. Deep is not just conquering the concrete jungle; he’s building his empire, one impressive skyscraper at a time.

Previous Work

Before stepping into the spotlight as the Senior Vice President at The Related Companies, Katdare had quite an impressive journey. From April 2014 to May 2015, he wore the hat of Senior Vice President at Red Stone Equity Partners, LLC, in the vibrant city of New York. It’s like he was the wizard of financial magic, making things happen in the world of equity.

Deep, before that, was the Director at Centerline Capital Group for a whopping six years and nine months. It was a role that probably involved making big decisions and steering the ship of financial success. And if we rewind the clock even further, from 1995 to 2002, he was the Associate at BNP Paribas, putting in seven years of hard work and dedication.

Net Worth Status

Deep Katdare has some serious financial flair. With an estimated net worth of around $1 million, he’s living the dream and proving that hard work pays off. While he keeps the details of his real estate business income a bit mysterious, it’s clear that he’s making some smart moves in the property game.

Deep Katdare is carrying Ariya Eliana as they are among the crowd.
Deep Katdare with his daughter, Ariya Eliana in Disneyland (Source: Reshma Shetty Instagram @reshmashetty)

Katdare’s wife, Reshma Shetty is also rocking the financial game with an estimated net worth of a whopping $6 million. Her main source of income is her fantastic acting which mostly light up the small screens. Her crown jewel is her role as Divya Katdare in the hit series “Royal Pains.” While the exact digits of her salary remain a mystery, it’s clear that her acting career is not just about fame; it’s also a treasure trove of success.

Reshma and Deep’s home sounds like a dreamy retreat nestled in Westchester County, NY. They’ve got a Primary Bedroom and just up the stairs, there’s a cozy Reading Nook. When hunger strikes, they head to the charming Breakfast Nook. The Living Room is the heart of their home. The Dining Room is where they gather for delicious meals and share stories about their day. And don’t forget the Salon, a place established as a haven for music and reflection amidst the hustle of everyday life, as reported in Homes & Gardens.

Previously Involved In Acting And Producing

Done Some Producing Works

Deep Katdare is also a wizard behind the scenes and has flexed his producing muscles in the past. In 2006, he took on the role of executive producer for “Hiding Divya.” It’s like he waved a producer’s wand, making things happen and bringing stories to life. But that’s not all – in 2001, with “American Desi,” he went above and beyond, not just as an executive producer but also as a regular producer.

Deep wore multiple hats, juggling tasks to ensure that the project was a masterpiece. His producing journey is like crafting a story from backstage, where every decision and creative choice contributes to the final cinematic magic.

Katdare’s Acting Career

Katdare before his current work was involved in acting. His last known work was the TV series “Golden Boy” in the year Willow Grace Radke was born, i.e., in 2013, where he appeared in a single episode. Then, in the intense and widely acclaimed “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” from 2007 to 2008, he took on the character of Dr. Parnell in five episodes.

The entertainment ride continued with various roles in projects like “Blind Ambition,” “Americanizing Shelley,” “Countergirl,” and “Hiding Divya,” where Shetty’s husband brought characters to life with his acting finesse. Whether it was playing a Doctor in “Over There” or adding a touch of suspense as Nassar in “CSI: Miami,” he made his mark on the small screen. From TV series to short films and big-screen ventures like “The Cookout,” “Indian Cowboy,” and “Green Card Fever,” his acting journey is a testament to his diverse talents.

Has A Degree

Deep’s journey to success includes some serious brainpower. He laid the foundation for his education at the prestigious Delbarton School, where he honed his academic skills. Then, he took on the challenge of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), an institute that Dianna Cowern has studied at, earning himself a Bachelor of Science degree.

Shetty’s husband’s MIT adventure spanned from 1989 to 1992, three years that were probably filled with late-night study sessions, mind-bending lectures, and maybe a few “aha” moments. His educational background is like a map that led him to where he is now – a man with not just a degree, but a journey of knowledge that shaped his path to success.


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