Updated: 01/04/2017 12:23 PM | First Published: 01/04/2017 09:03 AM

The debut movie 'God's Little Acre' propelled Tina Louise to fame

Tina Louise and actor Robert Ryan on 'God's Little Acre'

Louise was just two years old when she first faced the camera for her father’s candy shop’s commercial.  During her childhood, Louise appeared in several roles prior to joining Neighbourhood Playhouse in order to enhance her acting skills. During her early years, she was offered to model as a rising starlet along with Jayne Mansfield, appeared as product advocate in Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalog in 1858 and also graced covers of several pinup magazines like Modern Man, Adam, and Sir! And in 1959 she was featured in Playboy pictorial in an effort to promote the young Hollywood starlet.

She made her professional debut as an actress in 1952 musical Two’s Company that followed other Broadway productions like The Fifth Season, John Murray Anderson’s Almanac and others. Quickly making her way to the television, she appeared in television dramas like Studio One and Producer’s Showcase before making her name from Broadway hit Li’l Abner in 1957. It was the same time when she released her album It’s Time for Tina

The year 1958 brought a significant turn in the acting journey as she made a Hollywood debut through a movie God’s Little Acre. The movie not only introduced heras the “World’s Most Beautiful Redhead” but it also granted her the Golden Globe Award for the New Star of the year. Her successful Hollywood debut instantly made her one of the in-demand actresses. 

Success began paving her way afterward as she got to take roles in several movies like The Trap, The Warrior Empress, Armored Command, For Those Who Think Young and may more. Being casted in director Roberto Rossellini’s Garibaldi, Louise has also been a part of Italian Cinema.