David Rubulotta is Erin Burnett’s husband, who is a well-known news anchor in America. She is the anchor of the show “Erin Burnett OutFront” on CNN.

Rubulotta was born in 1973 in Pennsylvania. The finance executive is someone who does not draw attention to themselves and prefers to stay behind the scenes. Although he’s married to a famous anchor, he likes to keep his personal life quiet and stays away from publicity.

Rubulotta and Burnett’s Love Story

Well, as fate would have it, David Rubulotta and Erin Burnett’s story began on a blind date. Their mutual friend played Cupid and set them up. This was in 2004. They had no idea this meeting would develop into such an amazing love tale. Moving ahead to September 2011, the couple was thrilled to share their happy news with the world that they got engaged.

Erin Burnett is wearing a black dress as she is sitting on her office.
David Rubulotta’s wife, Erin Burnett (Source: Erin Burnett Instagram @erinburnettoutfront)

The romantic proposal had happened the month before, which marked the start of a brand new era for them. David and Erin’s love culminated in December 2012 when they got married in NYC Hall. The wedding was small and simple and was officiated by a justice of the peace.

Education Background of David

Rubulotta has a solid educational background that laid the foundation for his professional journey. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with a major in Business Management from Villanova University. This undergraduate experience provided him with a comprehensive understanding of marketing principles and business management.

Building upon this foundation, David pursued further academic excellence by obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia University in 1998. This advanced degree from a prestigious institution like Columbia equipped him with the skills and knowledge necessary for navigating the complexities of the business world.

Net Worth Status

David Rubulotta’s financial standing is estimated to be around $12 million. He works at Citibank as a managing director. Despite the public awareness of his association with the bank, there is no information about his salary and income available to the public.

Erin Burnett is debating with the guest.
Erin Burnett in her work (Source: Erin Burnett Instagram @erinburnettoutfront)

Erin Burnett is a very successful news anchor and has an estimated net worth of $20 million. She is currently working as a news anchor for CNN, where she presents the most recent updates and provides in-depth analysis to her audience. While her professional achievements and financial success are evident, the specifics of her salary remain undisclosed.

Rubulotta and Burnett have established their homes in both New Jersey and the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Their residence in New Jersey provides a sense of suburban comfort, possibly offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. On the other hand, their apartment in the Upper West Side places them in the heart of Manhattan, in proximity to the iconic Central Park.

Involved with Citigroup

David Rubulotta has been associated with Citigroup for a long time. He is the managing director at Citibank. He has been with this financial company since July 2002 which shows how dedicated he is to the company. He is the managing director of Citibank’s Leveraged Credit division.

We can see that Erin’s spouse works as a financial expert who specializes in credit management. His contributions to Citigroup have likely played a crucial role in the success and effectiveness of the bank’s operations in the realm of leveraged credit.

Father to Three Kids

David is not only known for his professional endeavors but also for his role as a father to three children. The eldest among them is Nyle Thomas Burnett Rubulotta, born on November 29, 2013, as per The U.S. Sun. His birth marked the beginning of David and Erin’s journey into parenthood.

Nyle, Colby, and Owen Rubulotta are wearing an apron as they are waving at the camera.
David Rubulotta’s kids Nyle, Colby, and Owen Rubulotta (Source: CNN Facebook)

Following Nyle, the family expanded with the arrival of Colby Isabelle Burnett Rubulotta on July 18, 2015. The youngest member of this loving family is Owen Thomas Burnett Rubulotta, born on August 20, 2018. The three children, each with their unique personalities, undoubtedly fill the Rubulotta home with warmth and love.

Past Works of Burnett’s Husband

David Rubulotta joined Citigroup with a wealth of knowledge in the finance sector because he had previously worked in this area. He worked for Lehman Brothers in trading before moving to Citigroup. His experience at Lehman Brothers provided him with insights into the fast-paced and ever-changing world of financial markets.

Moreover, in the year 2019, David enriched his career advancement by collaborating with a non-commercial organization, Answer Africa. This project demonstrated his strong dedication to making a difference in society through helping others. Although his job position is unclear, his affiliation with a non-profit group indicates a more extensive worldview and a commitment to serving society beyond just his company.

Getting to know Erin Burnett

Erin Burnett is well known for being a news anchor. Currently, she is the host of the show Erin Burnett OutFronton CNN, as per their official website. Known by the affectionate nickname “The Street Sweetie,” she has had a varied path in journalism.

Before her current role, Burnett co-anchored “Squawk on the Street” and hosted “Street Signs” at CNBC, where she became a familiar face to financial news enthusiasts. Her journey into journalism began after graduating from Williams College in 1998 when she landed a job as an analyst at Goldman Sachs.

However, Burnett’s passion for journalism led her to write a letter to Willow Bay at CNN, resulting in her hiring as an assistant. Despite briefly working at CNN, she pursued new challenges, including a stint at Citigroup on an Internet media startup. She then joined Bloomberg as a producer and later moved to CNBC in late 2005. In June 2011, she made a significant transition from CNBC to CNN, marking the next chapter in her illustrious career.


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