David McIntyre, or Dave McIntyre, the victorious contender of “Alone” season 2, has transformed into a public speaker, bushcraft instructor, and accomplished author. Presently, he leads a serene and peaceful lifestyle. His once bustling Instagram and YouTube accounts, where he shared his adventures and skills, have now grown silent.

Despite the stillness online, McIntyre continues to inspire and educate through his talks and teachings, leaving an enduring impact on those who cross his path. Let’s learn a bit more about his life outside of “Alone.”

Relationship Status

Regarding David McIntyre’s relationship status, he continues to embrace a life of tranquility and reflection. While outward appearances might lead people to speculate that he remains unattached romantically, his journey has been marked by significant experiences, including a previous divorce while he was in Brazil doing this same job. At this time, he has immersed himself in missionary endeavors, channeling his energy and passion into these meaningful pursuits.

David McIntyre is sitting on his opponent.
David McIntyre doing Juijitsu (Source: David McIntyre Instagram @davemcintyrewilderness)

McIntyre’s profound connection with his faith and his unwavering dedication to spreading the message of his beliefs have led many to assume that he is not actively seeking a romantic relationship. This deliberate choice to prioritize his spiritual path and his commitment to service has contributed to the serene and purposeful life he leads today.

Net Worth Of The Former Alone Winner

David McIntyre’s estimated net worth is around $1 million, a testament to his diverse endeavors and achievements. His current path is one deeply intertwined with his faith, as he wholeheartedly commits himself to missionary work. Although his exact earnings in this role remain undisclosed, it’s clear that his dedication goes beyond monetary gains.

Notably, McInyre secured victory as the winner of “Alone,” a reality TV show where the cash prize for the winner is $500,000. Beyond his time on the show, he ventured into the realm of YouTube, albeit his online presence has since become inactive. Leveraging his expertise, he found success as a Public Speaker and a Bushcraft Instructor, further contributing to his financial well-being. His intellectual pursuits have also led him to write a collection of books, “THE FALL: A post apocalyptic fiction series,” adding another dimension to his professional accomplishments.

Has Few Kids

McIntyre’s family includes three children: two daughters and a son. His kids are named Karina McIntyre, Erin McIntyre, and Daniel McIntyre. Despite their appearances alongside their father on “Alone” season 2, they generally lead a private life shielded from the media’s scrutiny. The caring father has been discreet about sharing extensive details about his children, and their current activities and pursuits remain largely unknown. But the kids lived in Michigan while their father was on this survival show.

David, Karina, Erin, and Daniel McIntyre are hugging for one big picture.
David McIntyre with his kids, Karina, Erin, and Daniel McIntyre (Source: David McIntyre Instagram @davemcintyrewilderness)

The shared experience of participating in the reality show may have brought McIntyre, and his children closer together as a family, but their paths and endeavors beyond that time remain a mystery. Respecting their privacy, he has chosen to keep his kids’ personal lives away from the public eye, allowing them to navigate their journeys without undue attention.

Have Practiced Bushcraft His whole Life

David McIntyre’s passion for bushcraft has been an integral part of his life’s journey since his early years. His fascination with wilderness survival and primitive skills ignited during his teenage years, prompting him to delve deep into this realm. His journey into mastering the art of survival commenced at the tender age of 15 when he began immersing himself in the study of wilderness survival techniques.

Alongside his brother, McIntyre embarked on numerous weekends of survival camping in the rugged terrains of the Appalachians, honing his skills and gaining firsthand experience. Furthermore, his dedication to bushcraft led to the creation of the Mestre Do Mato (Bushmaster) Wilderness Survival School in 2008. Collaborating with his friend Giuliano Toniolo in Brazil, they established a platform to share their expertise and pass on the invaluable knowledge of surviving and thriving in the wilderness. His lifelong commitment to mastering bushcraft has not only enriched his own life but also paved the way for him to empower others.

The Winner Of Alone Season 2

McIntyre achieved the remarkable feat of being crowned the winner of “Alone” Season 2, a gripping competition featured on the History Channel. His triumphant journey unfolded over an impressive span of 66 days on the rugged terrain of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The path that led him to this pivotal moment began when Natalie Sgro from Leftfield Pictures reached out to him personally through Facebook, extending an invitation to participate in the captivating show.

As McIntyre prepared to embark on this challenging adventure, he had the chance to meet his fellow contestants, some of whom hailed from military backgrounds, a fact that initially struck him with a sense of intimidation. Despite the initial apprehensions, David’s motivation to join the show was driven by a compelling desire to provide for his children—an opportunity to better their lives was the driving force behind his decision. On a personal level, he also harbored a profound curiosity to grasp the true essence of long-term survival and gain insights into the unforgiving realities of enduring starvation and isolation, as he mentioned in an interview with The Captain’s Log.

David McIntyre is taking to the camera as he is sitting on the rocks.
David McIntyre in Alone: Season 2 (Source: HISTORY YouTube Channel)
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McIntyre Has Tried His Hands On Few Things

In addition to his profound involvement in missionary activities, McIntyre’s journey has seen him engage in diverse roles. He expanded his horizons by serving as a Quality Control and Contractor Trainer at Asset Management Specialists for over a year. This experience showcased his commitment to ensuring excellence and imparting valuable skills to others. Beyond his professional endeavors, he also found his voice as a public speaker, using his words to inspire and educate.

Moreover, McIntyre’s creativity led him to pen a captivating book series titled “THE FALL: A post-apocalyptic fiction series.” This remarkable literary venture consists of three enthralling volumes: “Volume 1: Scarec Upom The Earth,” “Volume 2: An Outstanding Debt,” and “Volume 3: Rest In The Shadow.” Through these writings, his storytelling prowess came to the fore, allowing readers to immerse themselves in thought-provoking narratives set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world.

Works As A Missionary Today

Today, David McIntyre has embraced a new role as an International Director for Set Free Ministries, as mentioned on their official website, reflecting his enduring commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others. His journey toward this current position has been marked by significant experiences. Before his participation in “Alone,” he dedicated a remarkable 15 years of his life to missionary work in Brazil. He played a pivotal role in the community, bringing his unwavering dedication and a spirit of service to every endeavor.

Tragically, McIntyre’s missionary career came to unexpected halt when his marriage ended in divorce, leading to dissolution of his longstanding missionary commitments. He was involved in missionary activity through his established Per Ardua Wilderness Ministry in Brazil back in 2000. This happened after he had previously moved to the Central Highlands of Brazil, in 1999. This move served as pivotal juncture in his journey, shaping the path that would ultimately lead him to his current role as dedicated advocate for positive change through Set Free Ministries.

Before his current role as an International Director for Set Free Ministries, McIntyre’s impactful journey in missionary work took on various dimensions. From August 1995 to April 1999, he served as an Associate Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Perkasie, PA. During this time, he dedicated his efforts to guide and support the congregation in their spiritual journey. He had received his Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and Teaching from the Baptist Bible College and Seminary.

Subsequently, McIntyre’s path led him to become a Church Planter and Leadership Trainer with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism from April 1999 to April 2013. In this role, David played a significant part in establishing new churches and providing valuable leadership training, leaving a lasting imprint on the communities he worked with. These experiences underscore his dedication to spreading his faith and facilitating positive change, laying the foundation for the impactful work he continues to pursue today.


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