Dave Canterbury, a well-known writer and survival expert, gained significant fame when he starred in the popular reality TV show called “Dual Survival.” He captured the attention of audiences worldwide with his extensive knowledge of wilderness survival techniques and his ability to adapt to challenging situations. His expertise in outdoor survival skills, such as shelter-building, fire-starting, and finding food and water, made him a valuable asset to the show’s cast until he was fired.

Canterbury, born on September 19, 1963, is not only writer and survival expert but also an influential figure in the world of YouTube. With height of 5 feet and 7 inches (170 cm), he uses his platform to provide valuable survival guides to his viewers. On his YouTube channel, he shares his vast knowledge and experience in surviving in the wilderness, offering practical tips and techniques that can be useful in various outdoor situations.

Canterbury Is A Married Man

Dave Canterbury is happily married to his wife, Iris Canterbury. They have been together since 2002, but they have chosen to keep many details about their love life private. However, she is active and can be found on platforms like Instagram. She occasionally shares glimpses of their life, posting a few pictures of Dave for their followers to enjoy.

Iris Canterbury is taking a selfie in her car.
Dave Canterbury’s wife, Iris Canterbury (Source: Iris Canterbury Instagram @iriscanterbury)

Although Dave and Iris prefer to maintain their privacy, these shared moments give fans a glimpse into their happy relationship. It is evident that they cherish their time together and have built a strong bond over the years. Their enduring love and partnership serve as a testament to their commitment and happiness in their married life.

Used To Be In The Military

Dave Canterbury had a notable military career in the U.S. Army from 1981 to 1987. During his service, he held the rank of Sergeant and was assigned to the 984th Military Police Company and later the 260th Military Police Company. Throughout his time in the military, he received recognition for his dedication and achievements. He was awarded the Army Achievement Medal and the Army Good Conduct Medal, which highlight his exceptional performance and commitment to duty.

Additionally, Dave had the opportunity to serve on one deployment in Korea, where he likely faced unique challenges and gained valuable experience. His military background provided him with a solid foundation of discipline and skills that would later contribute to his survival expertise.

Net Worth Of The Survival Expert

Dave Canterbury has accumulated a net worth of approximately $300,000 through various sources. One of his main income streams is his Pathfinder school, where he imparts his extensive knowledge of survival techniques to students. Through his school, he provides hands-on training and guidance, allowing individuals to learn essential skills for thriving in the wilderness.

Dave Canterbury is showing the strap of the Surplus Canteen.
Dave Canterbury giving a DIY Tip for Surplus Canteen (Source: Dave Canterbury Instagram @pathfindersurvival)

Additionally, Canterbury operates an online shopping platform called Self Reliance Outfitters, where he sells a wide range of outdoor gear and equipment to help enthusiasts prepare for their outdoor adventures. He has also authored several survival books, which have been well-received by readers and have contributed to his financial success. Furthermore, his appearance on the television show, “Dual Survival” has not only boosted his popularity but also provided him with additional income. Through his diverse ventures and contributions to the field of survival, he has built a solid foundation for his net worth.

About Canterbury’s Time At Dual Survival

Dave Canterbury had an interesting time during his stint on the show, Dual Survival.” He teamed up with Cody Lundin, a knowledgeable naturalist, to face various challenging situations that could happen to anyone. From being stranded sailors to lost hikers, trapped divers, and stranded mountain climbers, the two encountered it all as mentioned on the show’s IMDb page.

With only minimal gear at their disposal, Canterbury and Lundin had to rely on their survival skills and resourcefulness. However, despite his initial success on the show, his time on “Dual Survival” came to an abrupt end. After appearing in 22 episodes from 2010 to 2011, he was ultimately fired from the show. Since he was a huge part of the show, his departure marked a significant change in the dynamics of the show.

Has Few Biological, Stepkids And One Adopted Child

Canterbury has a blended family, consisting of both biological and stepchildren. He has two biological children named Skylar Canterbury and Omere Canterbury, who prefer to lead private lives away from the spotlight. In addition to his biological children, he also has two stepchildren from his wife Iris’s previous relationship. Their names are Aaron Rayburn and Sierra Adams.

Aaron Rayburn is filming something with his movie camera.
Dave Canterbury’s son, Aaron Rayburn (Source: Iris Canterbury Instagram @iriscanterbury)

Both Aaron and Sierra are actively involved in their father’s business, Self Reliance Outfitters. They contribute to the success of the venture, showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the family business. Together, they work alongside the survival expert, Canterbury, combining their skills and passion for the outdoors to provide quality outdoor gear and equipment to customers.

Besides, Canterbury and his wife, Iris also have one adopted son. His name is Jameson Dykes and is believed that his biological father is Iris’s brother. The survival expert has been raising his adopted son since he was just five days old. And, the legal procedure for adopting him also wasn’t a walk in the park. It took them a while but they made it happen. Jameson today, is also involved in his father’s, Self Reliance Outfitters and works in the weapon manufacturing department.

Life Before Being A Survivalist

Before becoming a survivalist, Canterbury had a diverse range of experiences. He spent some time working as an animal control officer, where he likely learned valuable skills in handling and dealing with different types of animals. He also worked as a net diver in Florida, which involved diving underwater to retrieve items or perform tasks.

However, Canterbury’s passion for survival and primitive skills led him to pursue further education. He made a move to Indiana to study primitive skills and attended Frontier Christian University, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Wilderness Ministry. His studies likely provided him with a deeper understanding of nature and survival techniques.

Additionally, Canterbury focused on expanding his knowledge in emergency response and search and rescue. He received certifications for Wilderness First Aid/CPR and Advanced Search and Rescue, indicating his dedication to being prepared for any situation. Furthermore, he sought expertise in herbal arts and sciences, earning basic and intermediate certificates from the International School of Herbal Arts and Sciences. These certifications suggest that he developed a well-rounded understanding of using natural resources for survival and wellness.

Why Was Canterbury Fired From Dual Survival?

Canterbury was fired from “Dual Survival” at the end of season 2 due to a serious reason: he had been dishonest about his military background. He had made false claims about having extensive experience in survival skills, including ranger, survival, scout, and airborne training, as well as service in Central America as mentioned in an article from K99. There were a lot of rumors when he left the show that he had a fallout with his show’s partner Cody Lundin, which ended up not being the case.

However, his partner on the show, Cody Lundin, made it clear that Canterbury was no longer part of “Dual Survival.” In the profession of survival instruction, the ultimate goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals. When dealing with situations where human lives are at stake, dishonesty about one’s background and experience is considered a grave breach of trust. It is important, to be honest and transparent in such professions to maintain credibility and ensure the safety of those who rely on your expertise.


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