Daphne Joy: Proud mom of a son, Sire Jackson is rumored to be pregnant again. Discover the truth- also find out her nationality

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Daphne Joy, a model of Philippino nationality starring in the “Pirates of Caribbean- On Stranger’s Tides”, is said to be pregnant. Again! The gorgeous model has a four-year-old son with the rapper 50 Cent. A few months ago, she was in a relationship with Jason Derulo.

It is very unlikely that Daphne is pregnant again, less so with Jason Derulo

Daphne was in a seven-month long relationship with Jason Derulo. Intimate pictures of Daphne and Jason are proofs that the couple had an exotic relationship. However, it's been long since Daphne broke up with Jason. Hence, it is very improbable that Daphne would have been impregnated by the popular singer.

As far as the rumor goes, no, she has not yet talked about a possible pregnancy. Also, based on her Instagram updates, it seems most unlikely that she is planning to develop a baby bump at all. Her career is very much thriving because of her current exotic body measurements.

Raising her first child was quite an experience for Daphne to try for another child as a single mother

Daphne is currently raising her four-year-old - Sire Jackson. She had Sire with Curtis Jackson, popularly known as rapper 50 Cent. Daphne called off her relationship with Curtis after the rapper allegedly “kicked” her over a minor debate and damaged $7000 worth of properties.

Despite the violent breakup with Curtis, Daphne is very proud of her son. She seems to try her best to be there for her son. In Sire’s recent birthday celebration, Daphne held back her resentment of Curtis and invited him over for a themed birthday party.

About the second child, we hope Daphne takes into consideration all the challenges she faced while single-handedly raising her first child.

Daphne is a Pilipino managing both the career and the family

Daphne was born on February 8, 1987 in Olongapo, Philippines. Not much is known of her family except that she is single-handedly raising a son.

It is amazing how Daphne has managed both her career and her family of two. It is not that easy to raise a child as a single mother, especially when your career equally makes time-consuming demands.

Do it for yourself and nobody else ✨✨

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